"network not stable, please change to 360p”, but you cant change to 360p if you arent already connected!


chicken and egg, the app needs to be a way to set a fallback default connection in the options, or you will get stuck - the app will in fact not allow you to change resolution untill it connects successfully,

this might not effect everyone, in my case i have a wyzecam up in a tree [a nestcam :slight_smile: ] and wifi strength can be affected by the weather.

this happens between stage 2 & 3 of connecting. Could someone else try to reproduce this, and generate the “network not stable, please change to 360p” to see if there is a workaround i might have missed? to test you will need to move your wyzecam to the other end of your house where wifi connection is at its limit. thanks


The camera is supposed to auto switch to 360p if the connection is not stable. If that’s not happening after a short wait, you may need to submit a support request to get it looked at more closely.

However if the camera has an unstable connection lots of the time, you may want to just lock it in 360p.

Also, even though the camera is not connected for streaming, you can still remotely restart it by clicking the gear icon then Restart Device. This function happens over a different comm channel than the streaming, so it will probably still work even if the camera appears to be disconnected.

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