Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Synology uses ONVIF for its compatibility. Supporting it can be done two ways. 1) as a NAS, in which case you don’t need the “surveillance station” licenses. 2) if you do want to use the 2 free licenses they provide, just send the video/audio using ONVIF.

Personally, I use a DVR with 32 channels. They’re like 150$ on ebay. Works with any ONVIF camera.

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the CamPlus is great, but how many people here use a cam with the SD Card & Also a Cloud upload, i’m guessing Most.
To have a Local Storage such as NAS means you can save all of the footage & be able to access it anytime, even a couple months later.
It does not Replace the cloud storage, at least not for anyone who uses cams for actual security.
If someone breaks in to your house & does not cut the internet, the cloud has the footage, even if they find your NAS & take that too…
It’s a Redundancy thing, and when there’s a problem with the cloud servers, like there was a few days ago, that means that nothing is stored, so at least you can fall back to the NAS storage even if someone swipes the cameras during the burglary.

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Redundancy is the key for me. The fact that each cam has its own card is very important. BUT I want much greater capacity that 32GB; that is puny. Would want to put in 256GB or greater. NEXT, I want to be able to web into the camera and download clips (Reolink permits this, for example, as does Aottom).
THEN I ALSO want to send the video by way of ONVIF to a DVR.
My point? I want to have as much redundancy and history as possible.
I have run DVRs for many years and so now I know what my pain points are. The subroutines and functions are already there. And NO I do NOT want to flash firmware to get RTSP. Just put in ONVIF and be done with it.

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Would love to see a stand alone 8 channel nvr system. The wyze cam is great but i would love to have a hard wire security camera system.

Wyze seems to forget that some users, especially those outside the US, do not trust cloud services and thus would prefer local storage on a NAS.

Unfortunately this topic seems to be just as much ignored by Wyze as making Alexa functionality available outside the US which even the cheapest Chinese cameras can manage to do.

At this point I believe the WyzeCam v2 is pretty much an obsoelete product. WYSIWYG. They have no more interest in upgrading it.

Maybe the v3 or some subsequent version will have the features that we all desire, but for now, Wyze seems more interested into making/selling roomba-knockoff, balances and facemasks.

Don’t hold your breath expecting a functionning NAS feature on v1 or v2.

I have come to that sad conclusion. What is saddest is if Wyze broke the mold and hot away from monthly fees, they could have changed everything. But also the dollar bill was to much temptation.

Seems kind of silly to buy cloud based cameras if you don’t trust the service. :slight_smile:

I doubt Wyze will put much effort in to a product that competes with their own subscription services.

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I spoke about some users. Remember some countries will use the cloud to spy on you. China is a good example.

Also, the beauty of the Wyze camera is that they also support local users.