Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Someone has already gotten this working, there’s a hack for this going around on reddit.
Research is done and functional, you guys should contact him.


Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

For sure, I really love everything you guys are doing, and hope wyze ecosystem dominates!

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We appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

Is there a link I can go to to find this?

I dont know the rules about posting links, but do a search on google for
wyze cam smb nfs
You will see the reddit post titled
Directly record to your NFS share
The person who did it, HclX, did so in 2019
I have not tested or used this, I won’t use unofficial SW/FW on my devices, for security reasons.
I am just hoping this information can help Wyze to come up with a solution to help the community and boost their product at the same time.

I have a Android Tablet mounted to my desk which I leave plugged in at all times, so I can use it as a monitor for my front door, since for some reason the Echo Show only works for a few minutes & then says Buffering & drops the video.
I can stay connected to the Samsung Galaxy Tab for hours no issues.
I just wish I could connect using a PC & save footage to a drive / NAS
Once that happens, I will be adding about 4 - 6 Wyze Cams to each of my clients offices & my own.



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RTSP’ing to DS918+ running Milestone in a Win VM. Works.

Is there, or could there be a way to point video storage to a HDD connected to a wireless access point instead of to the SD card?
My reason for this question is to provide more long term storage capacity, move storage to a less vulnerable location for outdoor cameras and to prevent writing the SD cards to death.

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If you google this, you’ll find someone that figured out a way to “hack” the firmware to allow this in an unsupported manner.

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I believe this is now in the “don’t hold your breath” category (researching), elevated from “not in your lifetime” category (maybe-later). But totally agree it needs to be implemented for wyze to be a serious contender for home monitoring. Going through SD cards and difficult to access mounting locations for many pretty much eliminate wyze for a large segment of the market, imho. As well as numerous other wishlist requests which would elevate wyze.


Well, I think the question of what functionality is provided by the forthcoming Wyze Outdoor Cam hub remains TBD.

The FCC documents show that the hub has a SD slot. If any Wyze cam can connect to the hub, and the SD in the hub can save all content from all the cams, then the “solution” could be closer.

It’s not NAS storage, but it’s better than distributed SD cards.

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Where do I find docs?

  1. Both a QNAP TS-431 Pro and new, a Synology DS-920+
  2. Both support RTSP
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I use synology system and it works great. But you have to pay for more licenses if you want to integrate more than 2 camera. I have 4 cameras and I have to purchase 2 more licenses.

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I have a Synology DS 918+ and a server running unRAID. It would be awesome to create a simple Docker container with a Wyze-built server software to record the video. Let all the processing work as usual on the cameras, but have it saved to our NAS via the Docker container instead of/ in addition to the cloud. Docker would allow it to be installed in just about any server/NAS.


Why not add the capability to push to a network share? FTP or SMB or some similar function like you can do with network scanners?

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Or, let people plug a USB drive into the WCO Base Station and let it be the NAS…