Network Attached Storage (NAS)

QNAP TS- 251+

It would be great to have RSTP enabled on my 4 home wyze cams. I would sure buy more if this was the case.

I’m in the process of deploying ubiquiti POE cameras to a location, spending a considerable amount of money compared to wyzes (with added features of courses) and the customer had to make the hard decision to reduced the number of cameras. If this would be an option we could supplement with wyze cameras or even replace them altogether. In this particular case, this customer would be willing to compromise, since their budget is very low.

I would too. Actually, if Wyze does the NAS thing, I would probably volunteer in my community far more, drive safer, eat less saturated fat, and stop letting my dog poo on the neighbors lawn.

Well… It’s in your hands now, Wyze. Your move…

Also, do you have a sibling or cousin that is a smart phone GPS app, and warns me about the Fuzz speed - traps? No reason why, just curious.


I have an UNRAID device, so a docker container would be awesome for deeper integration or if you’re adding more functionality. Otherwise I might be able to use RTSP with a zoneminder container to get the functionality I’m looking for…


My camera on my back porch stopped connecting. When I went out to check, it was unplugged, and the SD card gone! I have no ability to see who took it, or was on my back porch.

We need Network storage.

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS 104 with multiple abilities to share a folder for recording.

I have FreeNAS running at home. It’s surprising to me that not many people running FreeNAS. It’s so much fun to build and free to run. I dumped all my old internal hard drives, 1T, 2T, 3T, into the FreeNAS box, and it is running like a charm, supporting Windows, iOS, and Linux.

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Maybe I’m in the minority here but I do not want or need:

  1. integration with Alexa, etc - I do not want anything in my house spying on me and really do not need to tell some device to do something for me.

  2. IFTTT - yes it is nice and adds a lot of features but I am not installing something on my phone that reveals my location and is just ripe for hacking. I keep my cameras off while I am home and turn them on when I leave. Yes, this is an extra step but I do not want the cameras on while I am home.

  3. Cloud storage - I do not want it or need it. I do not put anything on the cloud except the 12 second videos my two CAM V2s capture and they are deleted as soon as I review them. Don’'t want cloud storage. The videos my cameras capture should remain local.

So what I would really like to have is no cool down and completely local storage via NAS or similar. The option for events to not go to the cloud. I suppose for this to work, the 12 second alert videos would need to be stored somewhere accessible from anywhere but I have an SD card in both my cameras so it is already there except if the cameras is inaccessible for whatever reason. This brings me back to storing events on the cloud. It is almost like we cannot get rid of the event cloud storage and have the events accessible under any circumstances.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.


Synology DS216J, supports RTSP

Can I install freenas on a pc and save my videos from wyze cam to my hard drive?

Installing FreeNAS on an outdated PC box may take an hour, but storing video on it relies on Wyze’s comparability update in the near future.

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Thank you. Just looking for an alternative until Wyze finishes up on the update.

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Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V1
would like to have SFTP or authenticated NFS , CIFS for direct storage access
but RTSP is OK.

Samba/CIFS/NFS. Any would make is trivial to pull video over to a larger storage device.

Yes, please.

  1. Drobo 5N
  2. Not sure


Remember the Furbie! - if you are too young

Although only a scare we now have people installing eavesdropping devices in their own homes.
Many of us do not like the idea of storing things not directly under our control and tape over our laptop cameras and disable the mikes.

One does not need to enable Alexa, IFTTT or cloud storage. There is already the ability for local storage within the camera on the SD card. Wyze is also working on a dedicated NAS solution:

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Any updates on Maxdrive?

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I used to use my Synology surveliven station with my Dlink, although it only supports 2 cameras OOTB. Not sure what 7 more would cost lol

Hey, folks!

Here’s more information about MaxDrive and how it will work:

OK I am among the many people wanting a NAS solution and at first when seeing that you are coming out with your own hardware solution I was a bit disappointed as I have two robust NAS solutions

Then I googled the MaxDrive and I have many spare drives lying around and a price point around $100 is more than fair.

I just got my first camera and plan on buying many more as I like the company philosophy

Keep up the good work, happy to be a part of it

From your friend North of the border (Please find a way to ship directly to Canada) :wink:


Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ll share it with the team. And we are looking into what it would take to ship directly to Canada though we can’t make promises yet. :slight_smile: