Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Could you please provide a quick update on this topic? It’s nice to see it “in-development” but it would be cool to have an idea on the progress/status.





Sorry, Frank! I know that we’re making progress on it but I don’t have an update on this past that.

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This is a good idea, and if it is the best way to get RTSP supported then I’m all for it. So I’m voting for this. I’d still rather have baked in support for cloud storage to get the data fully off-prem without needing to set up replication.




Synoloy DS218j, best NAS system ever, makes sense to pair it with the best security camera system ever.

Can I just say how much I appreciate Wyze putting an effort into this initiative, as well as many others like it. It is increasingly RARE to see a US company deploy a product/service development strategy which rises above the standard myopic strategy focused on scratching every penny from it’s customers possible.

Most companies at this point would elect to put the resources and corporate focus on some cloud storage solution, which of course they can charge for. At most, they would develop some half baked NAS with incompatible proprietary software to force customers to purchase it directly from them.

Wyze Cams instead is putting what appears to be a concerted effort into integrating with many different NAS systems, and doing so based on customers input. It takes some oft ignored wisdom to recognize that while Wyze Cams won’t see direct revenue by selling Wyze brand proprietary NAS hardware, they will see a level of fierce customer loyalty, the likes of those driven by greed never will.

Keep going Wyze, never stop doing what you do best, and never let anyone convince you that increasing profits is more important than the health and welfare of your employees and satisfaction & loyalty of your customers!



Thank you, pete3500! And thanks for considering our health and welfare. We’ll return the favor to the best of our ability. :slight_smile:



In case you missed it, Wyze did a video Q&A session a while ago. The subject of this #roadmap topic was addressed in the video. Here’s a link to the video and an index of the content so you can jump directly to the part that addresses this #roadmap topic.

0:40 Outdoor Cam (Dongsheng)
2:15 Wyze Sense (Mike)
2:52 Beyond Security Products (Mike)
3:30 Become International Company (Yun)
4:25 Simultaneous Streaming (Tao)
5:05 Improvements to Playback (Bugs, Fast Forward) (Tao)
5:50 RTSP (Frederick)
7:10 Google Assistant (Frederick)
7:40 Apple Homekit (Frederick)
8:35 Google Integration Demo (Frederick)

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I would like to mention here that NAS should be adjunct and integrated with the cloud storage not just an either/or proposition. In my area backhaul is a chronic issue so possibly having alerts that are just a few bytes and then playing them from the NAS if and when needed would be an option to explore.

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Synology : DS 218j and DS 418



WD My Book Live 3TB.



Synology NAS running Surveillance Station

This would be great for so many small businesses!


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QNAP TS- 251+

It would be great to have RSTP enabled on my 4 home wyze cams. I would sure buy more if this was the case.

I’m in the process of deploying ubiquiti POE cameras to a location, spending a considerable amount of money compared to wyzes (with added features of courses) and the customer had to make the hard decision to reduced the number of cameras. If this would be an option we could supplement with wyze cameras or even replace them altogether. In this particular case, this customer would be willing to compromise, since their budget is very low.



I would too. Actually, if Wyze does the NAS thing, I would probably volunteer in my community far more, drive safer, eat less saturated fat, and stop letting my dog poo on the neighbors lawn.

Well… It’s in your hands now, Wyze. Your move…

Also, do you have a sibling or cousin that is a smart phone GPS app, and warns me about the Fuzz speed - traps? No reason why, just curious.



I have an UNRAID device, so a docker container would be awesome for deeper integration or if you’re adding more functionality. Otherwise I might be able to use RTSP with a zoneminder container to get the functionality I’m looking for…

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My camera on my back porch stopped connecting. When I went out to check, it was unplugged, and the SD card gone! I have no ability to see who took it, or was on my back porch.

We need Network storage.

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS 104 with multiple abilities to share a folder for recording.



I have FreeNAS running at home. It’s surprising to me that not many people running FreeNAS. It’s so much fun to build and free to run. I dumped all my old internal hard drives, 1T, 2T, 3T, into the FreeNAS box, and it is running like a charm, supporting Windows, iOS, and Linux.

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Maybe I’m in the minority here but I do not want or need:

  1. integration with Alexa, etc - I do not want anything in my house spying on me and really do not need to tell some device to do something for me.

  2. IFTTT - yes it is nice and adds a lot of features but I am not installing something on my phone that reveals my location and is just ripe for hacking. I keep my cameras off while I am home and turn them on when I leave. Yes, this is an extra step but I do not want the cameras on while I am home.

  3. Cloud storage - I do not want it or need it. I do not put anything on the cloud except the 12 second videos my two CAM V2s capture and they are deleted as soon as I review them. Don’'t want cloud storage. The videos my cameras capture should remain local.

So what I would really like to have is no cool down and completely local storage via NAS or similar. The option for events to not go to the cloud. I suppose for this to work, the 12 second alert videos would need to be stored somewhere accessible from anywhere but I have an SD card in both my cameras so it is already there except if the cameras is inaccessible for whatever reason. This brings me back to storing events on the cloud. It is almost like we cannot get rid of the event cloud storage and have the events accessible under any circumstances.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.


Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

Synology DS216J, supports RTSP



Can I install freenas on a pc and save my videos from wyze cam to my hard drive?



Installing FreeNAS on an outdated PC box may take an hour, but storing video on it relies on Wyze’s comparability update in the near future.

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Thank you. Just looking for an alternative until Wyze finishes up on the update.

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