Network Attached Storage (NAS)



We’re investigating this! And we’re looking into RTSP which will enable this feature. This would allow for local storage of footage, reduce the concern about Wyze Cams being stolen, and allow for storage of more video than a 32GB microSD card can hold. People who don’t like using cloud storage could avoid it but still save videos.



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if you support this, can you reply to leave more information ?

  1. Brand/Model of you NAS device ?
  2. Does RTSP work ? or do you need us to support other protocols?


Qnap TS-453B. Not sure what video storage protocols it uses but it seems quite robust. It also has FTP.


If it can work with youtube, it can work with anything.

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  1. I use a software RTSP recorder on a Mac MINI (openRTSP), so no actual NAS, though I am considering.

  2. Open RTSP is probably the most widely used protocol. The only other I think that might be useful would be RTMP, but formwhat I understand it’s not as open as RTSP. There may be others, but I’m not really an expert on streaming protocols.


Using a custom built NAS but I have prior experience with several of the major big box NAS solutions

RTSP would work just fine for my purposes.


I also use the QNAP TS-453A. RTSP support would be great.


WD MyCloud Home : WDBMUT0200JWT-NESN (I have two of these).
WD MyCloud Pro (PR4100):WDBNFA0400KBK-NESN


Also a WD MyCloud Pro (PR4100)


I have Mycloud, Mybooklive for NAS, FTP. However run a BlueIris server for my cams.


Don’t own a NAS device but would get one based on compatibility with Wyze. I’m interested in RTSP in order to integrate the Wyze cams with one of the popular RTSP enabled security systems. Nothing specific yet.


Not familiar with RTSP. Samba/CIFS would be great.

I have a qnap TS 228.




Netgear ReadyNAS 316, 526X

  1. Synology
  2. RTSP works


I have a Qnap ts-251+ , already have a couple of cameras using the QVR software that comes with it. Works well imho, would love to have Wyze connected to it.


RTSP would be great.


I use OpenMediaVault (OMV) as my NAS, and would love to record my video there so RTSP would be a great solution.


Synology 418j


Synology DS1315+