Neptune Apex Fusion integration

This is the screen where you can integrate a camera into your dashboard.

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As a hobby, I am into saltwater reef keeping. Within a very popular aquarium controller there is an option for a video feed. There is NO one device, manufacturer etc etc that provides this, but WYZE comes up often I the forums because its a less expensive, quality camera. Now currently WYZE can’t be integrated into the Dashboard for the controller. But there is definitely a market in this hobby for this integration. We often have many thousands of dollars in these systems and the ability to “see” the tank when we are away, is pretty important .

Is there a reason you can’t set up a Wyze Cam facing the tank and view it through the Wyze app? Yes, I understand that’s not quite as convenient as having it within the Neptune app. With all the integrations with major home automation systems that Wyze is doing and/or contemplating, I doubt you’re going to see this happen soon, if ever.

Yeah that’s how it is observed now. I was instructed to place this suggestion in the forums by the instagram handler to see if it was an interest to others and have the Neptune community help support this, but since you say it’ll probably never happen you can delete the post.

No, Wyze is always open to suggestions, so no harm in leaving the post and seeing what kind of response it gets. I just didn’t want you to get your expectations up too high. I’ve moved this over to the #roadmap category so you and others can vote for it.

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The reason we would like it in Apex Fusion is because that is the dashboard where we can control many aspects of our tank. getting our Wyze cam feed on the dashboard would allow us to view our tank while changes are being made.

Currently the RTSP format is not accepted in fusion

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I am glad I found this forum I just about bought this on Amazon for my Neptune. Hope they can integrate in the future

Ran across this while looking into using a Wyze cam in Apex Fusion. Also ran across this post written by an expert about all things Apex: it’s a good read and has a great suggestion for Wyze:

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It may not be the easiest thing to implement, but they could have a large community buying their camers for this single purpose. Might not be a bad idea for someone from Wyze to get on their forums and talk with them about a partnership,…just a thought.

It would be nice if the Wyze camera app had a feature to support Http Live Streaming. This I believe would dovetail into Apple HomeKit Integration and SmartThings Integration. For me, I want to use this with my Neptune Apex Controller. I am a reef keeping hobbyist and the Neptune apex controller supports live stream from their app via HLS. This would allow me to monitor my aquarium parameters while also providing me with a live view of the aquarium as I tweak settings. I understand I could just open the Wyze app as well and get live steam too, but there is a benefit from doing this all within one application. Plus, if the reef community got word of this implementation, you’d probably have an influx of camera purchases as this is a very desired want from that community. The current ways of making this happen are very involved and very unstable. There is a huge desire to have this work with as few steps as possible. I’ll admit I don’t understand the undertaking it would be for Wyze to implement this and make it happen, but I imagine something in the application will allow me to toggle a switch to activate HLS streaming and then allow me to customize an HTTP(s) URL that I can use or share with others so they can see a live view of what my Wyze cam sees. I get it, that this is a huge potential violation of privacy that others could get to your Wyze cam URL and see what the camera sees, so it would have to be a setting that is off by default and if a user decides to activate it there would need to be a VERY BIG LETTERBOX IN ALL RED that warns the user highly against it or to accept the fact that what the camera sees others can freely see too. Maybe there could be a secondary setting that allows you to password protect the stream too. But with that feature, it could break what I need it for unless you make the URL accept the credentials as a query string (again, I know, that sounds stupid passing clear text creds in a query string). I’m just thinking about options.

HLS is also a supported protocol by all major browsers. I understand with a lot of hoops and jumps I could do this using the newly released RTSP protocol and send that through my router and set-up a URL to it. But again, this is a lot of hoops and technical understanding the majority of users won’t/don’t want to undertake. Besides, doing that has a ton of risks opening a port into our home network or to your Apex Controller. God forbid someone who gained access to my aquarium and messed up or destroyed settings and killed my tank. Or if I just accidentally opened up to much of my network and people gained access to everything. I do know what I am asking for does include risk as well, but Wyze being in control of it seems a heck of a lot more secure to me than me trying to do it some other way. Worse case, someone would just have view-only access to my video feed if Wyze implements HLS the way I am asking for it.

Here are some URLs about the subject and to a forum where others are trying to figure out how to implement video feed into their Neptune Apex.

Maybe something could be worked out specifically with Neptune on this front to offer direct access to owners of both a Wyze cam and a Neptune? That could be a better implementation that is way more secure and logical? They have a section of their website that is an Apex Ready. Links below.

HLS Technical Jargon

Apex Forum about hopeful Wyze integration

Apex Ready Products

I’ve said enough, I’m going to run out and buy a Wyze cam now to point at my reef.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider upvoting.

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