Neighbors, like Ring (neighborhood watch)

Any plans to something like the “Ring Neighbors” app?

I vote NO , I hope not ever

Around here on Ring all we get is coyote sightings. Like it’s news. I vote no.

Good idea. :+1:t2:

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Vote no as well.

we need to have a wyze comunity and link this up with NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH a live stream…

we need metal yard signs free with a community pack purchase… we need to be notified if someone in the community posts a porch bandit and have the local police upload

this is more effective and affordable than the other(RING)

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You don’t need a Ring product to view the info/videos in the Neighbors app. I’m not 100%, cause I haven’t had anything to uplaod, but I’m pretty sure you can upload with any video also. Might help to not have the Wyze watermark in the video though. Better to have more info through one app than having to use two for the same purpose.

You can upload any video or image, I don’t see why the watermark would matter, I would want more people in one app then fragmented