Need help with v3 setup inconsistent events

So I’ve figured out what happened.

A few minutes after the last event record at 12:34 yesterday. There was a 2 minute power outage at my house. Apparently after a power outage these cameras do not reconnect to the server on their own and will require me to do a manual power cycle likely when I’m home.

So there you have it, Wyze V3 are completely useless if you aren’t home all day long to maintain them. What a complete joke.

Wyze…what good is a camera that you have to be home to operate? Crickets

Yep, completely useless trash these are.

I don’t have a definite answer for that issue but I believe something largely at play here is the order to which things in your system come back online. Some of the factors being when the cameras power back up and look for connection, the wifi source powered back up and broadcasts the ssid, when it has secured an internet signal, how far down the line the power outage effects (single home, neighboorhood, wide area, etc).

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To ad insult to injury… It just sent me a person notification :joy::rofl::joy: