Need continuous or scheduled oxygen test on Wyze Watch

I use my Fitbit Sense for nighttime O2 levels although the granularity makes its usefulness questionable since O2 drops may only last a short period of time and never get caught. My guess it is related to battery life how often it is tested. I need to charge the Fitbit daily and use the snore detection as well.

Looking around I found the MorePro V19 has what is nice, Spo2 / Heart stuff scheduled between Midnight to 7 AM, this would be a nice addition.

Does the MorePro V19 do co to our monitoring?

Not that I can tell… spo2, ECG, HRV, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep, Steps, Kcal. Bought one for the wife to monitor her Sleep Data. The device works great, but the App has issues pulling the data from the watch, another story. I hope the Wyze can soon be scheduled to measure BP and spo2 durring the sleep period.

To follow up on my post, In the fine print of the MorePro V19 fitness tracker manual. I found a note to try the H band App, We did, it works great (why the MorePro App don’t work…?) but the H Band App does, so the wife has set the Wyze Watch aside until a possible schedule for the Spo2 at night is enabled for it.

I wonder if the O2 sensor is running if it interferes with the sleep tracking methodology they currently use. Perhaps it isn’t as simple as at it seems. It’s definitely a feature I’d like.

Useless without continuous or scheduled O2 test. I never imagined this was going to be an issue. Stupid design and questionable marketing.

I think this a great option. I have asthma and have had a bad case of COVID-19.
My doctor is having me test my O2 and heart rate levels every hour or as needed.
The option to schedule the frequency of O2 would be a great option for me.
Yes it would impact the battery life, the needs outweigh the inconvenience of having to recharge.

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