Need continuous or scheduled oxygen test on Wyze Watch

Found it Duh…

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The Wyze Watch has an O2 sensor that works well for blood oxygenation. The watch also has an option to have it check your pulse every 5 minutes (good feature!)

What I would like to see is a similar option for the O2 sensor. I know that the O2 sensor uses more energy from the battery so it would be more like a mode that you set your watch for a set period of time, for instance at night.

The idea would be to set your watch to like a diagnostic sleep mode or sleep recording mode that would monitor your sleep and also monitor your O2 levels. It should be a mode or something so that when you activate it the user understands that the battery might only last one night.

FItbit and some others claim to use the O2 sensor at night for sleep monitoring, but I don’t think they actually do, or if they do they don’t record the values into a graph that can be observed.

A use case for this feature would be for someone who has or suspects having sleep apnea, asthma, and various other conditions. Someone who has sleep apnea or might not know if they have it could use this mode to see their blood oxygenation levels drop periodically at night. There are various other use cases this could be used for.


in short if the watch has a sensor for something we would like the ability to schedule periods of time for continuous monitoring.

P.S. everybody needs to vote for this to show Wyze these features need to be added in the next update.

I will be surprised if this happens. We are asking a $20 watch to tell us if we have a serious medical condition or not. It will not happen due to liability and why others much higher in cost do not claim that either. Sure you could look for trends but how do you know the readings are even accurate or not just because they display a number unless you compare to a known good piece of test equipment. Wyze makes no claims on accuracy at all. We can wish and upvote, but if something suspects an issue they need proper testing as it can be a serious condition. Do not rely on a low cost smartwatch to tell you.

[Mod Edit] just give us what we asked for. [Mod Edit]

as with anything Garbage in Garbage out. I’ll take the accuracy of the readings for what they are.

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They sure do…

It is not continuous for these watches so rather useless. Sleep apnea episodes can be brief so if you are only recording occasionally you can miss them and think all is well. Plus it is stopping of your breathing so that is what should be monitored, O2 can be a symptom or in some cases not.

It’s not a medical device, but if you set it to check your O2 every 15min for a few weeks and you find 2 or 3 low numbers you can go in for a sleep study.

The POINT is
O2 sensor hardware present
Just add a few lines of code to have it take the reading at a set interval.

There are other things I would like to add, like music playlist control, remote camera controls, view wyze cam from a cellphone shortcut, answer and decline phone calls. All of this is difficult where setting up O2 and heart rate monitor is extremely easy.

Duly noted, I already have a CPAP machine prescribed by my Doctor. Now as the next guy already clearly stated, the sensor is there we want to use it. we can accept the samples may not be perfect, having a few out of range samples in a string of hundreds is better than what we have now. that being manual only samples.

I guess the question is how do we know only a few are out, and not the majority? How do we know it will show a low reading when it is supposed to? Just because there is an O2 sensor there does not mean it is telling you what you want. Even the expensive Apple watch they say is very inaccurate and O2 readings via your wrist are suspect with respect to accuracy. Testing has shown the Apple watch can be 7% off a FDA approved device, a huge difference. Have to wonder about a $30 watch then.

then why bother including the sensor.

They literally have the heart rate function where you can set it to test every 5 or 15 minutes or whatever.
It’s as literally as simple as cutting and pasting the code and changing a single variable heart rate to O2 and done the functionality is added.
If you want to redundantly insert not a medical device in text where you select the automatic monitoring that’s fine too.

My mom uses 8 liters of O2 24 hours a day. We were hoping it would at least let her monitor her levels but 98% day and night is not even close to accurate. The standard plus oximeter may show 84% and she starts to struggle. If we relied on the watch…. Well, I hate to think

In the last few weeks I’ve woken up with chest pains, my first response is to tap the O2 sense icon on the watch, every time my then current O2 reading was under 95%. seems I need to have my CPAP machine dialed up a few notches!

Bottom line is the O2 function like the Sleep time is WORTHLESS.
The watch usually shows that I go to bed hours earlier than I actually do.
But it does seem to keep accurate time.
The Alarm is so-so because of no sound
The Timer is wierd
I don’t use the exercise and based on other stuff I wouldn’t trust it.
Counting steps is flaky at best
Shortcuts work.

Without the continuous monitoring of Blood Oxygen this product is of no use to me, I’ve stopped using it.

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Defeciancies with Wyze watch 47mm

Can you add support for continuous oxygen saturation similar to what you have for heart rate monitoring? I want to track O2 levels during workouts and sleep without having to run the app on the watch.
This is very disappointing. I am not able to run this app while I am sleeping. Please refer this request to product development. Your watch is a waste of money if it can’t monitor O2 levels without intervention. Please update your advertising explaining this limitation. People should know about this problem before spending money on your watch.

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Like the Wyze Band has Heart Rate Detection interval between 5 - 60 Min’s, It would be great if that option is available for the Wyze Watch for Both the Heart and the So2 measurement.

Add me to the request as well. Would be beneficial while sleeping.

Count me in. I also would like to schedule it. The Wyze band has a schedule for the blood, why not schedule both the pulse and the O2👍