Need continuous or scheduled oxygen test on Wyze Watch

You really need an option to turn on continuous or scheduled oxygen test on wyze watch. Really want to monitor blood oxygen level while sleeping.

If you like it vote for it.


This is 100% why I bought this watch. Super sad the option isn’t there… I don’t care if my battery life is affected. I’m ok charging daily if needed to have this feature. #voted

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That is also why I bought the watch. That is what they advertised on the order page which states " Your Blood Oxygen Level Right on Your Wrist A drop in blood oxygen saturation is one of the earliest signs of serious health risks. A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters keep it measured 24/7 on your wrist." Even if the battery drain is substantial it would be nice to turn it on to have it monitor all night long even if the battery fully drains in one night.


Just voted for this one. I thought I was configuring things wrong. But from what I’ve read it sounds like there isn’t a constant/periodic monitoring of blood02 or pulse. I suppose I have the ability to check both 24/7 but I understood that to mean it would do it automatically.

I don’t need it to constantly monitor by default but it’d be nice to be able to set it to check every hour or every 15 min, etc.

Only had the watch on for about a day now so till playing around with it. Overall I still like it!

I’d love to see the watch monitor hr and Spo2 on a preset interval. This would be similar to the band functionality but add Spo2. If I have to push button I’ll forget and then I wouldn’t get an accurate graph at the end of the day. I am willing to sacrifice battery life for this feature.

Also making sure it sync with google fit would be a great bonus. Sync is currently buggy at best and completely inoperable at worst.

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I’d like to be able to schedule the Heart rate and O2 sensor readings, so I can log my O2 levels as I sleep.

Would be awesome if the sample rate could be set by the battery drain slope, so you can dial in your acceptable run time till a recharge is needed.

I was surprised after my first week to see only a smattering of O2 and heart beat readings. Then I realized it was only recording that info when I was personally tapping the button. Would love to have a 15 minute or hour schedule even if it meant the watch would need more regular charging.