Need Answers From WYZE - not from users/posters/moderators

Folks at WYZE - you can’t expect folks to read through all these various posts to find answers. There are tons of questions regarding the new vacuum. Such as: When can we look to rename the rooms rather than keeping the stock room 1, 2 etc? Why does the vac go and clean room 1, when I scheduled it to do room 4? When can we expect to divide the rooms for open floor plan homes? Why does my device say 2005 under device info when we are in 2020? Just to name a few but others have more questions that they would like answered. If Wyze could consolidate these questions with WYZE’s definitive answers as of “today” into a pinned post that doesn’t allow comments that would make it easier for everyone. Most of us understand that these are early release and you guys may have jumped the gun. But help us as we are helping your company.

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Good luck.
Wyze seems to leave a lot of us in a vacuum.
But it’s been that way since I joined in early 2019.
You might get better support on Faceb00k. :frowning: or reddit.
I know it sucks, but that seems to be the way they roll,
The magical “@” can sometimes be used to summon a Wyze employee, like @WyzeGwendolyn but it’s bad to overuse it,
Plus they seem to change the software daily sometimes.

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Keep in mind that this is a user forum, Yes, occasionally Wyze employees show up here, but if you want Wyze help, contact Wyze directly.


For what you are asking (special Wyze employee commentary), you are asking it in the wrong place due to a misunderstanding.
The official answers from Wyze employees are intended to be done through these official channels (and many of your questions are in these already, or else aren’t officially supported yet and Wyze doesn’t usually say when they will be until they’re released):

  1. User Manual
  2. Contact support:

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:

  1. FAQ’s
  2. Product overview and details pages
  3. Firmware Release notes of things not previously included:

The forum here is specifically a user-based community thing. That’s why you see >99% of it being from non-employees. Typically an employee will only come when a moderator asks them to clarify something they are unsure of or unable to handle themselves.

For what it’s worth, a large number of us can answer all of those questions and misunderstandings for you, but if you are looking for Wyze employee only answers, then your options are primarily limited to those 5 options above. I’d recommend calling support. if you don’t want community help. That’s what it’s there for, and it should help with what you’re looking for.

I will give one hint to not waste support’s time (they’re pretty busy lately) since you can verify this easily yourself…on the 2005 thing…it doesn’t say 2005, and it’s not a year at all. If you read carefully, it says Device Model…as in model number, and it ends in the letter S…as in 200S (200 S).

Best wishes.


Looks like the community fielded the user-to-user community portion pretty well. Thanks, folks!

They’re right. The answer to most of your questions is that features are in development and will be released later but I’m not going to give deadlines yet. Sorry for the inconvenience!


What I have found over the years is that Wyze is quite good at selling reasonably priced hardware. Support is something else. They seem to get a lot of new hardware sold, but never seem to be able to supply software that keeps that hardware working. Many of us have been asking for years (literally) for a viewing app for our PC. All they ever supply is workarounds using emulators. This is what happens when you buy cheaply priced hardware. I was forced to purchase higher-priced cameras that came with an app for desktop monitoring. Wyze has been very disappointing. It would seem to me that they could afford to hire a programmer or two to improve product performance.