Need a Wyze Fan/heater

We need a good floor standing, oscillating smart fan/heater. Should have programmable oscillating range, 0 to 180 degrees. Smart temp sensor to automate on/off and low, mid, high settings. Timer for sleep/wake times.

I currently have (3) of these window fan units:

They are great, but the thermostats are not really very accurate. I feel like a Wifi connected window fan would be an excellent opportunity for Wyze. Not to mention it could possibly then be linked to the Wyze thermostat and controlled from a central location.

At the very least a Wifi Connected window fan would be exactly what I need right now. The ability to set a schedule and rules. I would be at least (4) of these. I have tried plugging my Holmes fans into the Wyze Smart plug, however, the fans don’t turn back on when the plug turns back on.