Need a web browser interface

You can always flash it with non wyzecam firmware. I’m considering doing this, but then it’s no longer a wyzecam anymore.

Like most things tech, it is not quite so simple as most people (end users) think.

Software development, even the mostly simplistic Java-based Android apps, take time and talent to put together.
To do this right, the company also has to have the resources to host a site that will contain HUGE amounts of video data.

They already do so to a pretty fair degree, but this idea is, potentially, an order of magnitude greater.

I am VP of Tech Services for a Software Developer and it is quite the undertaking to do what we are asking, believe me.
And setting up the servers and the storage arrangement is a pretty large outlay of capital too.

I believe they will get there, but it will not be as fast as most of you would like.

I wouldn’t dream of them running a web client via their domain - that would take beaucoup work. I would just be happy if it was local on my network, and then I could port forward myself.

YES, what KWLA said

In the meantime it can be done with a little work.

I use TinyCam on an old Android phone. It acts as a server for my Wyze Cams. Its only a few bucks and easy to setup and us. I setup the webserver in the app to serve the Wyze cam feeds. I can view my feeds in any browser (home, away, TV, PC, Mobile……)


I had this same issue when I first installed TinyCam. I messed around for a few weeks and gave up. Then after a few WyzeCam firmware updates I decided to try again… They automagically started working… Your instructions are what I did exactly. Sooooo, I am guessing that somethingf in a firmware released fixed the issue.

Im running

If AppleTV has a browser point it to the IP address of your Android device running TinyCam with web server on. I have FireTV and use FireFox and it works perfect on the TV.

Please vote for this feature here!

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Just purchased a Wyze Cam Pan - happy to have Google integration, but disappointed and quite a bit surprised that there is no web interface. That’s quite an oversight at this point of the game.

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Ditto except I knew goign in that there was no web interface.
Would be good to know if it was coming, or at least why they have chosen to not develop it.

I would like web interface for the Wyze Cam.

a web interface is a must for me.

Thanks for posting this information!


All for the web interface for viewing, this is a must if to buy anymore cams.

Yep much wanted!

Yes, adding a browser based app to align with the mobile app(s) would be a great addition. Have to believe this will notably help increase adoption of the products/platform. Makes even more sense given the more recent product offerings in the iOT/smarthome space.

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