Need a spider web wiper

I’m trying to figure out how to wipe/destroy spider webs attached to my cams.

My Mississippi “outdoor” V2 cams are on a covered back porch monitoring 2 doors. Spiders like to attach their webs to the cams and the results are events every 5 minutes all night.
I’m in Virginia, about 850 miles away.

The cams are presently mounted under a shelf about 15 feet from any falling rain.

Initial thoughts are to get something to occasionally slowly drag a light cloth back and forth across the edge of the shelf so it just brushes the cameras.

Any thoughts?

Maybe something using compressed air to blow the webs away.

Maybe a vacuum that removes the webs.

Use spider-away in a can.

Place your cam in in center of a bug zapper.

All I got at the moment. My other ideas are really stupid. :crazy_face:

Maybe smart window blinds, modified…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71.7AWKWtz8osc

put a strong fan on high aiming toward the cam plugged into a wyze plug. turn it on remotely when you need some strong wind to clear the web. fairly easy and cheap.

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Maybe even tie a few long pieces of ribbon to the fan which would blow the ribbon into the web and clean it off. Who knows it might just work. :grin:

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not a bad idea at all. and it would give a very festive look.

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Maybe hang something like this under it.


Chain a hungry bird close by. :slight_smile:

Critter lovers: STOP, it was a joke. :eagle:

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I bought a Swiffer feather duster with a telescopic handle so I could reach my outdoor Pan cam which is mounted about 7 feet high. As a side benefit the cats think its a cool toy and I play with them every time I get the duster out.

He would need one 850 miles long or set up to automatically wipe. :grinning:

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Pretty sure that’s special order. I did not see one that long at Wally World. :innocent:

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And the bird could do data input during slow periods. :wink:

That might work, and I could use the fan with streamers and the plug to scare the heck out of people.


I support this idea! :slight_smile:

lol. I too recently install cam pan on a barn looking back at the house and I have resorted using a 20ft latter with pre mentioned Swifter to get rid of the occasional web. It’s getting a bit tiresome so I think the fan with streamers might be a good option. I’m definitely buy some of those pellet repellent pouches though first.

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I honestly think the best way to avoid webs is turn off the IR lights on the camera and instead use an external IR illuminator. For some reason the IR lights seem to attract bugs of all kinds. Since doing that with my Pan camera I have only had to remove webs about once every two weeks. Before it was almost daily.