Name Your Price Person Detection

I also have the same issue.

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FYI I started a new topic about it.

Thank you for starting a thread.


Why would anyone pay for this service when it only works half of the time? It’s not reliable, sometimes it picks up people, other times it doesn’t. If often thinks vehicles are people. It’s like most other things from wyze, not ready for actual use. It’s a joke IMO.

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This crap is why I quit updating my cams months ago. They work fine that way.

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The cost of Wyze Person Detection appears to be more than the value.

The new Wyze Cam Outdoor uses passive infrared (PIR) motion detection that senses heat from people, animals and other objects such as cars and trucks. PIR is used in security systems, and motion sensitive spot lights. It reduces false alerts from waving branches and moving shadows. PIR is better than person detection because it also detects animals, cars, trucks and other large objects.

PIR can be added to Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan by adding Wyze Sense PIR motion sensor. It works fine outdoors if protected from rain and snow.

I hope future versions of Wyze Cam and Cam Pan have built-in PIR to replace the existing primitive “motion detection” that is triggered by false alarms such as moving shadows, insects, etc.

I’ve had my account for a couple of years and have been part of some Beta testing. But when I sign up for Name your price person detection I can’t name a proice. I can only use one of the check boxes.

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I have 9 cameras and would not need person detection on all of them. Can I define how many cameras for person detection and select which ones to enable? In this matter, I would pay for only what I would need.


This particular service is for any/all V2 or Pan Cams on your account. So just pick an amount you find reasonable and enable it on the device(s) you choose.

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I don’t think I am a legacy user as I got my first cameras 6 months ago but I got the Name your price person detection email and the app mentioned to sign up before it expired but when I go to sign up, it only shows the CAMPlus option. I have been using and testing person detection and it seems to only detects 80% of the time and it even detects trees moving as a person so it is not super accurate but worth keeping on but not worth paying $2 per mo per cam. Sad to see that feature go.

The ‘Name Your Price’ person detection and ‘Legacy’ person detection are the same thing. To have this option you had to have an account prior to Nov 26, 2019. If this is not the case the only option for person detection is then CamPlus

Is the “name your price” value you submit for one camera, or for all cameras you have, present and future?

@HDN The “name your price” is for unlimited cameras.


There was a discussion about this in the early days of the old person detection. Was the vehicle moving? I think the original consensus was if a vehicle is moving, it has a person in it. The original goal was always to identify a person even if they were in a vehicle or whatever. I know the old person detection could recognize a person thru my heavy blinds on a riding lawnmower with his head being hidden behind the blinds.

Here is a no-head example as an illustration, although there are no vehicles here:

Because the Nest button is disabled when you enter a custom amount ?

If enter your price into the custom box and then change focus by clicking away from the form , you should see a ‘guilt trip’ dialog box asking you to pay at least a $1 with a Y es / No option
once you complete that the Next button on the original form should now be enabled