Mysterious gift from Outdoor Cam early access

Just received the Outdoor and the mysterious gift for early access. Boy, isn’t it cute. I like it very much and Wyze should do that as optional purchase for the V2. Thanks Wyze!

What is it?

If you did the early order, you will get one. I don’t want to ruin the surprise on Wyze’s behalf. But it’s pretty cool.

Was the mystery gift supposed to be in the same shipping box as my outdoor cam or is it shipping separately?

Mine came together in 1 box. But I don’t think the surprise will be included if you didn’t order at Early Access. Friend of mine ordered after the Early Access, the surprise didn’t come with the order. Maybe Wyze would release it in later day as an optional purchase.

My camera came today, I did not receive anything extra like they promised. Hope it comes separately. Does anyone know what the surprise is, I’d like to know.

Mine came with a couple of stickers and I was in the top half of the first 50k.

Hmmm… you may want to talk to Wyze about this. It’s not just a sticker.

Why is this still a secret?

Can some one tell me what it is that I didn’t get.

It’s a black “hat” for the camera.

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Thank you,

Now I know it’s not worth my time
to try and get one.

Cowboy hat

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OK, the open secret is blown. The cowboy hat is not only a decoration. It’s purpose is to divert the rain to the sides depending how it wears it. The hat does hit the back wall/tree that prevents you from tilting the camera all the way up.


A quick search via Google found a little over 3000 pictures of the “secret” hat. So yeah I think we can safely say the “secret” is out. Oh and over 20 YouTube vids of the hat just searching for unboxing WCO vids.

dang I was putting my hat on the bottom… thought it was a rocker, knew it wasn’t a face mask :slight_smile:

I was supposed to get the gift hat but didn’t. I contacted Wyze but they haven’t responded back and it’s been weeks!