My Wyze Watch 47 Suggestions & Feedback

Here are my suggestions and feedback from my Wyze Watch 47. Overall I am happy with my order and get many questions about it. Adding the following would only make

Software Additions or Adjustments:

  • Adjustment to the notification vibrations to meet our needs/personal sensitivities to recognize the alert - short, long, insanely long
  • App-specific notification icons: YouTube, Facebook, Email
  • Customizable watch faces – imagery, colors, font sizes, etc. OR more options that are easily viewed at a glance in outdoor environments
  • Customize what apps are enabled/disabled on the phone using the Wyze app: allow us to remove the unused apps.
  • Tap/Double Tap to wake or similar.
  • More Apps

Hardware or Physical Adjustments:

  • Charging magnets are incredibly too weak. Both my 47 and my wife’s 44 fall off at just the slightest touch.
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Here are my suggestions and feedback from my Wyze Watch 47. Overall I too am happy with my order as the price is unbeatable! Here are my thoughts:

Software Additions or Adjustments:

  • Improve device control - shortcuts are not what I expected. Could we have some sort of interface to the phone app and pull the device data? Poll this every so often to catch changes. Allow the user to “select” a device, but what really happens is that the commands/data flow to the phone App for execution.
  • Alexa! That would address much of the above issue. Would also be nice to have a Skill so we could interrogate the watch via Alexa - “Alexa, ask Wyze how many steps I have done today?”. Since the data is synched to he phone, this should be easy enough?
  • Customizable watch faces – needs to have a library like Fitbit, and also allow independent developers to create and market their designs.
  • Allow SpO2 readings on some sort of trigger? At the moment, it’s not very helpful.
  • Allow goals using not only Steps, but Miles and km. I’d like a 5 mile a day goal.
  • Some indication of heart health based on historical data (rate, SpO2, daily goal, etc)?

Hardware or Physical Adjustments:

  • Can we get some purpose made screen protectors?
  • I found that the 22mm watch bands on Amazon fit perfectly - I now have a lovely silver band. Are you making any bands? It would be nice to have some cool (colors, designs) watch covers - enhance the look and provide protection.
  • Charging magnets are incredibly weak. I know the other post has this, but I wanted to add my frustration. I would like a small “dock” like you get with, say, a Fitbit Versa (or a pad)? Also the USB cable length was a tad short.


Update to automatically sync the watch data to the Wyze App running in the background of the watch.

I have noticed that I have to manually launch the Wyze App on my phone to get the data to sync and then update my Google Fit data.

Suggestion … If the phone is running the Wyze app in the background AND there is Bluetooth connectivity between the phone and the watch, periodically during the day sync the data, maybe every hour or so …

Where is this watch face depicted on the 47mm order form. Seems like false advertising if its not available when you receive the watch. I know its on the 44mm