My Wyze owl, first crude attempt

Weighted down with nuts and bolts :slight_smile:
Inside looking out


we need a close up of the outside where the camera view point is. it doesn’t look bad, just a little refinement, but a nice fern to cover that power cord will help

My prime concern was would the camera fit inside easily.

yeah, understandable, how did you keep the camera at the height you needed inside the head?

Velcro around the eye hole.

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That owl would look nice sitting on this old wood barrel.


Pretty cool.

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Nice disguise, Maybe the owl wouldn’t feel like a strange bird if it had a prosthetic yellow mask over its left eye.

I actually was thinking of mounting a monocle.

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A pirate type eye patch came mind first, but I like your idea better.

Wyze Owl, now battery operated!
I was wanting to make my Owl mobile, so after extensive research and cost modeling I’m testing it with a $16 Samsung 10AH battery and a Ziploc bag w/ rubberband.

I try to spare no expense, I’ve almost tripled the cost of the camera, what with a $10 Owl housing, a $6 SD card, a $16 battery and the plastic bag and rubberband.

I can only hope the future Wyze Outdoor cost less.

/edit - first battery operated flight the Wyze from noon August 1st to 9:30 am, August 2nd. So approximately 21 hours.