My wife is unable to add photos for a background on her band

She has the icon for photos, and that is all she can do is take a photo. She doesn’t see her library.
I had no problem at all adding new pics/backgrounds on mine. Suggestions?


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@mtntrek After your wife taps on background > more > then add photo what happens then? Does it give an option to select from the photo gallery?

no option for either one. just take a photo.

we set ours up side by side. mine had no problem. hers had this hiccup. both are iphones with current updates

Is her Wyze app up to date? What app version is she running on her device?

she has v 2.9.58

@mtntrek That is the current production app for iOS. Have you ever tried the Beta app? If you’re interested you can downtown TestFlight from the Apple App Store. The Wyze Bands work much better on the Beta apps. That is what I’m currently using and my Band works great. You can always switch back if you change your mind.

Edit: I checked on my iPad and it is running v2.9.58 as well and it is working correctly. Strange that it’s not working for you. If you want to update to v2.10.62 you can give that a try.

Oh nice!

Try selecting the far left panel and add it from there.