My Thoughts on the Wyze Watch 47

I recently bought a Wyze Watch on Amazon after my Wyze Band fell on the ground and part of it broke. Well anyway, I’ve been curious about the watch, but never really excited about it, due to the features the band has in comparison to the watch.

Well anyway, I like the bigger display of course, but here are some things I hope Wyze addresses:

  1. When you use “Other” apps as notifications, it has the word “Other” in big letters, which is pretty annoying. It’s really unnecessary. If it said “Slack” in big letters, that would be great. But why do I need to see “Other” at the top for Samsung Pay, Nest, Amazon, etc? There’s no real point to it. Just remove the whole word “Other” completely. The Wyze Band doesn’t even do that when you use “Other Apps”.

  2. Why do all the watch faces look like something I would see on my 12 year-old stepson’s watch? They don’t really have any cool manly watch faces. I’m not even one of the manliest men there is, but even I realize this could be improved. Also why not cool Digital/Analog watch faces like you see on real watches? Something that will make you feel like an adult and not like a kid who just bought his very first watch? In all the promo pics, they had a cool black watch face that was analog and digital, yet that’s no where to be found as an option.

Also, if they make a version 2 of this watch, please include all the features the band has next time.

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This is what I did to get past the poor watch face selection. You can make a custom watch face. This is a vacation photo of a beach house we rented in Hawaii:

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On my watch 47 the other application works just fine,we have no issues at all $35.00 it does alot and it’s so cheap,compared to my apple watch.