My Single Expansion WCOs show up today!

@WyzeGwendolyn My three (3) single expansion WCOs showed up today … on Sunday!

Really appreciate the quick shipping.

Also love the included 110 charging plug with each expansion WCO. The extra chargers will come in handy!

I’m charging all three cameras to 100% and then will finally be able to complete my “ring” of WCOs around my yard and house.

Thanks to everyone at Wyze involved in the development. Tod


And mine, as usual, has been delayed by FedEx because of an unreadable label. This has happened to every one of my 4+ orders this year.

The third-party people who are doing the fulfillment for Wyze are totally inept.

BTW and FWIW I recently had 5 packages/orders sent via FedEx from a company in Southern California (where Wyze has their fulfillment) and they arrived in 2-days. So it is not FedEx that is the problem.

I got an email on Saturday saying my 3 had shipped. The FedEx site says they have the label and expect them to ship on Monday. It says they’re coming from Indiana, so hopefully it will only take a couple of days.


I had a FedEx package come within a couple miles of my home before bouncing around other counties andanother state for a few weeks. Then the status just stuck at Pending for another week before magically appearing at my doorstep.
Entropy . .


@dr.know I’ve had that happen before … once a package (not WYZE) came to a town within 30 miles of where I live … for several days, then left for a neighboring state. Ridiculous how that works sometime! I was tempted to call FEXEX and ask if I could drive over and get the package.


@todwatts yes its goofy. I called the vendor who shipped it after a few weeks and she acknowledged it was bouncing around but shows it will be there day after tomorrow. Well, after that was when FedEx changed status to Pending forever. . .
And to think people complain about USPS!

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