My modified and improved mailbox mail notifier

Several weeks back, I installed an open/close sensor on my mailbox. The sensor was installed under the mailbox and it was working great. But it wasn’t waterproof. I decided to do this another way.
I ordered an enclosure that comes with a gasket and bolted it to the side of the mailbox. I ordered a magnet reed switch assembly and installed that where the old sensor was. I used an Ecolink 2.5 sensor for a couple reasons.

  1. It’s Z-Wave Plus, which has better battery life and greater range.
  2. It has dry contact connections to use with a magnetic switch.
    I wired the magnet to “COM”, and “NO”. When the door opens, the notifier flag arm goes up, opening the magnetic switch.
    I did it like this, so there would be no interference with packages being placed in the mailbox. I think it turned out nice and it looks professional.
    I did this a couple weeks ago, and it’s worked every time.
    Alexa and text message: “You’ve got mail…!”


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This is great if the mailbox is close to your network. My issue is that our community USPS mailbox is about 400’ away from my house. That’s a real bummer when you walk all the way to the mailbox and back again only to find out the mail carrier hasn’t delivered the daily mail yet. I need some technology that can send notifications that far away.

Any ideas?

Another issue is that community mailboxes are typically all metal, which isn’t RF-friendly.

You might want to look into signing up for USPS Informed Delivery, which allows you to see if there is anything worth going to the mailbox for.

Yes, USPS Informed Delivery is awesome. It’s just frustrating when you see your mail/packages that are coming to your mailbox today, but then you don’t know “exactly” when your mail is delivered. Sometimes we get our mail delivered by 09:00. Today, I checked twice because I was expecting some exciting packages, but the mail didn’t get delivered until 18:30. That’s a “frustrating” window. Guess I should have bought a house closer to the mailboxes (LOL).