My home depot bird feeder cam hack


For anyone interested, it’s this bird feeder:

It fits perfectly with the wyze cam v2, and can work in a pinch with the pan.


That is awesome! You did a great job making it look so professional. Gives me a couple of ideas I might try. I’ll ad them to my list of projects. Thanks for sharing.


What is the top right image? It looks like the cord maybe?


I believe it’s the right side panel, made of glass and you can see the Wyzecam through it. Showing how the cam stand lifts it up to align with entrance hole.


Oh, well, now that you explain it, it’s pretty obvious. :rofl:



It took me a while to figure it out. Had To zoom in/out, look for reference points In Other pics, cross reference, etc etc.

David Bush


Thanks! I saw some postings on reddit about using bird feeders, didn’t find the exact same one but this one I think came out really nicely.


Yes. I should’ve explained better, but there’s a metal divider inside the house. The magnetic base is sticking to the divider to allow exact positioning of the camera to line up with the “window” opening.

On the sides there are see through covers that you can adjust to insert the USB cable through.


I was just thinking I would disguise mine as a birds nest… But this is MUCH cuter. Great idea!