My Experience with RTSP Firmware

I also had this issue, took me ages to figure it out. What work for me was to format the card in windows to exFAT, then put the card in the camera then formatted in the camera through the app, then put it back into windows, copied the demo.bin to it. Disconnected the power from the camera, put in the sd card, held down the setup button and powered it up.

I got the blue light after a few seconds and left it to do its thing. After about five minutes and some flashes and clicks the blue light stayed on. I was waiting for the flashing orange light, but it just stayed blue. I discounted the power and plunged it back in, conneted to the app and there was the new firmware.

I’m using it on motionEye through Hassio and it keeps losing connection to the camera. Is there a similar platform to this that works better?

Excellent diary DeanSmith, I enjoyed reading.
It’s a shame wyze has stopped development for RTSP firemware :frowning:

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Very well described.

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Looking for more information on Netcam studio, does it store directly to a computer through the app? can you set up the app on a windows and then download files directly from the web browser to a mac? or would I be better off purchasing a cheap pc for strictly downloading the video. Or would I be better off retaining sd card storage of videos.

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  1. Does it store files on a computer?
    Yes, it stores videos and images on a drive that you define.

  2. Can you set it up to view on Windows?
    Yes, absolutely

  3. Can you view via the web?
    Yes, you can

  4. Can you download via the web?
    Yes (just logged in to check this)

So to summarise this, if you have a PC that you want to set up as a Network Video Recorder or surveillance hub, you can install Netcam Studio (or any other NVR software) and configure it to manage your video feeds via RTSP.

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Thanks for the tutorial and reply Dean,
What I was initially trying to figure out wouldn’t work which would be making the initial setup on a work pc and then setting up my mac to use for the actual downloads.
Probably better to just purchase and set up a dedicated PC to run full time. Are there any minimum requirements for such a computer or things I should look for?

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I replace all my Yoosee cameras and considering even decommissioning my Arlo’s. I currently have 10 Wyze cam recently deployed (6 Pan 4 regular).

I’ve been tempted to install rtsp firmware just for the recording capabilities). I’ve been getting by however with TinyCam Pro (Android app) for multiview and each cameras has a 32gb micro SD. (I found out today that I can put a 128gb micro SD and will work!

My questions:

  1. If I opt to install the rtsp firmware, do I need to reconfigure the cameras? (As if they were new out of the box?).

  2. Can someone confirm the 128gb card support?

  3. It’s the RTSP feature expected to rollout on a future firmware release?

I can answer #2
i have a 128gb card running very well, the caveat is that it needs to be an endurance card- i am running the Samsung Pro Endurance and it is working perfectly:


Another caveat on cards larger than 32 GB is that Wyze doesn’t support it.
32 GB is a Windows File Allocation Table (FAT) limit.
Remember the 640K memory limit?…69i57.20814j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Presently I’m running windows laptop computers. Surfing the net with less than 6 MB can be REAL SLOW.

I hope Wyze gets rid of the FAT limit.

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Most PCs would work very well, but I’d recommend something with a small form factor like an cheaper Intel NUC. Make sure you have some external hard drives to save the data on, and you’re good to go.

Has anyone figured out a way to connect this to an NVR? I have a new ANNKE system, and I can get the box to see the camera, but I get “network abnormal” or “connecting…” with no connection.

See no one answered all your questions

  1. Yes, you will need to delete the camera from the app and do a reset when installing the firmware. The camera can then be added back in with the new RTSP option in the settings.

  2. Was answered but I’ll also confirm I’m using 128gb cards without issue though I’m also recording with Blue Iris to a NAS.

  3. There have been no indications that RTSP will be rolled into the main build. Time will tell if it’s added to a feature and we can utilize the AI identification features along with RTSP. For not that’s your call whether to lose the WYZE features to gain NVR access.

Hello all. I’m new to the Wyzecams but not new to the hardware. I’ve been using the hacked Xiaofang version for a few years, connected to iVideon NVM software installed on my Windows server. I just bought two Wyzecams primarily because I now have an Echo Show and the Wyzecams has Alexa support to pull up the live feed on the Echo Show. That’s a functionality I don’t want to lose.

So skimming over this thread, I want to explore what functionality I’d lose if I load the RTSP firmware onto the Wyzecam. My expectation was that I’d lose all Wyzecam app functionality if I load the RTSP firmware onto the camera, effectively turning them into the hacked Xiaofang cameras I already have. That doesn’t interest me. But what peaked my interest was mentions that the Wyzecam would continue working with the Wyze app and Alexa even with the RTSP firmware load/enabled. Am I correct in reading this? Will the live feed continue to be accessible using the Wyzecam app and Alexa after the camera is flashed with the RTSP firmware?