My account is messed up and nobody will help me,V2 lost person detection and Alexa/Google on same day 5 months ago!

The Wyze Gremlins in Server room did it again.

You need to submit lots of logs and post it in Fux it Friday.

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This morning I re-evaluated my cameras that were not connecting in Alexa & getting the “having trouble reaching null” message to Alexa & noticed a pattern. It was only my Cam V3’s that weren’t connecting. Yesterday I recieved 2 new V3 cameras, so after activating 1 of them, I decided to update the firmware on it. Used it instead of 1 I already had as always feared of updates breaking cameras. I had to upgrade from to (as you can’t skip this update), & then updated to the current ver Each step I made sure the camera was still working (giving time for the camera to finish rebooting), & after ea camera updated to the current version, I checked on my Alexa show that that camera showed up. Now all my cameras are working\showing in Alexa. All my V2 & Pans were already connecting, so not sure I’ll update those, always feared of bricking & those are no longer under warranty.
Now I just have to figure out how to get back the 1 V3 camera that I had deleted from Alexa back as doing a “discover my devices” doesn’t show it.
Hope this info helps someone.

Try renaming it in the Wyze app, to a temp name. (The one missing from Alexa. ) I’d give it a name starting with a number or A-C, so its easy to recognize in a different place in the list of Device in Alexa app. Then, if it doesn’t show up immediately give it a couple of hours.

Has worked for me.


Thanks for responding Sam Bam. I had tried that as well to no avail. Last nite b4 I went to sleep, I was scrolling thru All Devices under device settings & to my sprise, I saw in the list of devices “office” & there was a green dot next to it. So I immediately tapped on it (feared it would disappear if I didn’t act fast lol) & the screen popped into Office Settings. So I told Alexa to show that camera, & she said OK & immediately displayed the camera. Now all cameras are showing & communicating properly with Alexa & she’s announcing person detection notifications.
BTW, I did update ALL of my Wyze Cams last nite, checking that each 1 worked b4 doing the next, & thankfully had no problems.

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:slight_smile: Its called Magic