Multiple Wyze bulbs paired on Fan go offline

I never had to turn off mobile data before. But I did try your suggestion @Omgitstony. When bulb is selected in the wireless networks, it looks like its not connecting to the network anymore.

I know you’re on iOS, but more recent versions of Android will now auto-switch to LTE if the Wi-Fi network I connect to has no internet connection. This affects setting up new IoT devices with the same type of setup the bulbs and plugs use. I had to turn-off mobile data in order to finish setup on both my bulbs and plugs. I don’t know if iOS 13.x does this as well, but it sure sounds like it might.

You phone connects to the bulbs network only for a moment to upload the information about your home wifi (this is what’s occuring when the count down occurs) Your phone then reconnects to your home wifi along with your bulb that you had just connected to and set up. The bulbs own wifi network is on only for the setup process.


I think the main problem here is App not being able to identify my wireless network (2.4Ghz) by default.

@DreadPirateRush, @Omgitstony

SSID of my wireless connection is not Wi-Fi. I think this should be solved first.

When using iOS, You can turn off Cellular Data on the Wyze without affecting other apps. On the iOS Settings page, scroll to the bottom for the Wyze app. Tap it and you can turn off Cellular Data while setting up.

For connecting to my 2.4 GHz (which is the same as my 5 GHz network) network, I have to type in the SSID where it says Wi-Fi in your screenshot. Every single time. Also have to change the password prompt from the default. The Wyze App UI isn’t very intuitive in many places.

If you type your wifi information in there and hit next, what happens?

@Omgitstony, It goes to Step4 screen which tells you select wyze bulb from wireless networks. When I select the bulb I want to pair and come back to wyze app, it is still on Step4 screen (normally this would turn into ‘connecting’ screen) and stays on Step4 screen. If I tap on Next button phone’s network screen appears with list of wireless networks and wyze bulb is still in selected state. So app is never really taking the bulb to ‘connecting’ state.

I hope I am clear enough.

Let’s try what they said was torpedoing Plug setup on iOS 13.0. We were told that version wouldn’t set up the Plug if location services for the app was turned off. So go to Settings > Wyze and turn on location services long enough to see if that allows setup of your Bulb.


This helped after updating the location services to ‘Always’ for Wyze app. Bulbs are now paired. Thanks @Newshound


Thank you for reporting success! :+1:

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