Multiple WiFi Networks

To whom it may concern. I have access to 2 WiFi networks. The app should be able to switch between them both effortlessly. It’s is a massive hassle to have to redo the start up process again, just to redo the WiFi network.

Please fix this.

Clarification please -
I’ve used the app on several networks seamlessly.
Do you mean the DEVICE (camera, sensor, bulb, etc.) should be able to switch between networks? With different SSID’s, passwords, etc,?

There is no way to easily switch networks… However last night, I was able to set up one camera on one network, and the other camera on my hotspot. But I had to delete and re-add both devices. So, since the devices themselves have no memory, I do mean the app… The app has saved the network info, but there is no clear way to switch networks without deleting and re-adding the devices

J. Garcia

My understanding is that the cam goes by the network name and verifies it’s a 2.4 when connecting and will only maintain one set of that data at a time. I’ve never seen any way to store multiple connection options . You can switch a device between networks but it does require reinstalling on the new network.

Yes, and that is time consuming and redundant. Why can we not simply switch the network like we can with our cell phone? This would stream line it alot.

We all know you can’t change networks easily but why are you wanting to? Tell us why you need to change networks so often and we can troubleshoot that instead.


I travel from my home to my work station. I stay at work for up to 5 days. While I’m at work, I use my hotspot. While at home, I’d like to switch to my home network.

You can vote for this feature on the #wishlist. I posted a new wishlist request that was a little more comprehensive than just changing SSIDs, but it was similar enough to be merged with the change SSID request:

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And you take your Wyze cam with you to work? You didn’t specify. Why not spend $20 on another Wyze cam to have one at work and another at home? Seems an easy solution.

So you’re saying I can connect one cam to my home network, and have another camera on another network at the same time with the same account?

I haven’t tested that yet, but I don’t see why. When setting up your cam you select the WiFi you want it to connect to. I don’t see how this couldn’t work.

At times I’ve cams on 3 networks. You just need to remember that you can only run time lapse on local network.