Multiple v1 cams status blinking blue after reboots (5/4/22)

you should post this in Fix it Friday. I read sometimes they give update.

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Add another V1 to the list of b0rk3d cams. Can’t remember if it lost power or not, but it’s definitely possible. From the threads I’ve found here, it sounds like we don’t have a way to fix it, right? The other V1 I have is still online.

If they’re goners, that’s ok. I got way more value from them than I paid. Replacing them with V3s will be a huge upgrade!

No solution that anyone has found anyway.

I ended up replacing my two most important V1s with V3s. It’s a fine upgrade but just a shame that’s what I had to do. Really the only issue I have is Wyze’s silence. If the V1 is dead, that’s fine and I get it… but just say so!

For fun, I flashed one of the V1s with the OpenIPC firmware. As expected, the camera works just fine. :wink: But local-only access doesn’t work for what I need them for.


Good call on the OpenIPC. I bet I can hook it up with my Synology surveillance stuff once that’s loaded. I’ll give it a shot while I work on some V3 replacements.