Multiple users


Is there a way to have multiple accounts/users for the camera? My kids want to have access to the cameras, but I don’t want them to be notified each time motion or sound is sensed. They put the app on their phones with my username and passcode, so they are getting the same notifications that I get. Thank you.



See the sections about sharing here:

You will probably need to turn off notifications either within their Wyze app or in iOS/Android settings.



Thank you!



I would also like to see a feature like this. Sharing as it exists now is too limited. I want to be able to switch between two different accounts within the app and have full access. Example: If I have a camera set up in my house, and other cameras set up in a vacation home which I share with others. I, along with the others may want full control of the vacation home cameras, but I don’t want anyone else to have access to my home, As it stands, this requires two unique accounts. As an alternative, expand the existing sharing to offer granular control on a per camera basis. Specific cameras could then be shared from a master account to others with specific control permissions.




There’s a #roadmap (wishlist) topic about this (linked below). You’ll probably want to hop over there and vote for it. (You must click the VOTE button at the top of the page for your vote to count.)



A very simple solution is to use the same (your) account on both phones.