Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Maybe I don’t want my somewhat-tech-unfriendly wife having full access to all settings, etc. I’d like her to be able to View Playback from the MicroSD card, but I don’t want her messing with Rules, Event Recording settings, Notification settings, you get the point.

Tech in this day and age should work for us, we shouldn’t have to employ workarounds to do manually what the software should already be doing. IMO.


I just don’t know why there isn’t an option for the admin (account holder) to allow certain access to certain people. For example, if I share my kitchen camera with




I should be able to click on Bon and grant access to turn the cameras on/off, to record, or to not grant access.

I’ve developed apps and this is the first I’ve seen where you can go in and have individual setting for each person you share it with.

Not a deal breaker for the app but it would make it more appealing for business purposes.

Please add the ability to disable audio on the Wyzecams. I have mine set up as a security camera overlooking my driveway but it’s setup in my bedroom window. If I share access to view the video, I don’t want to be giving my dad the ability to eavesdrop in my room whenever he wants to.


My 89yr old father recently suffered a stroke and my sister is trying to care for him in her home with my help. I have been a wyze cam user for some time and currently have 13 cameras, multiple sensors, light bulbs and plugs. My father needs 24/7 supervision for his own safety and I am trying to utilize wyze cam as aid to help monitor and manage situation. Long story short: someone is physically always with him but trying to set up system for family to help watch him remotely. Trying to utilize multiple cameras strategically placed while also respecting privacy of sister and her husband in their home. I am managing system and encounter problem when granting share access to cameras. In managing user account I do not have adequate access controls over shared users ability to control camera functions. For privacy and security reasons is there a way to disable microphone and limit access to other functions to shared user?


Hi, @Mpez. I have merged your post into this #wishlist topic. Currently there is no way to accomplish what you’re asking for, but this topic discusses a possible future implementation, as it is in “researching” status. :slight_smile:

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It would be great if the owner of the camera could be an admin account where you can set restrictions for the people you share the cam with so as an example you can disable their ability to listen to the audio and only view.


100% agree

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I think the ability to have the options available is cool, but I don’t want my shared users to be able to do anything that changes the settings I’ve created. To view only.


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Would it be possible to create an expiring link (12 hours) to watch a cam ? We were watching a friend’s kid and it would be awesome for her to be able to see what’s going on whenever she wants.

Hi, @nicholascressotti. This topic is in “researching” so we may see some new features for this later on. However, here are the current options for sharing your camera. :slightly_smiling_face:

Start Sharing

Wyze Cam lets you easily share the live feed with someone. This feature can be helpful to share with a family member, house sitter, or loved one.

  1. To start sharing, follow these steps:

  2. Open the Wyze app.

  3. Tap the camera you are interested in sharing on your Home tab.

  4. Now tap the gear icon in the top right.

  5. Tap Share .

  6. Either select someone from your Recent Shares or enter their email address. If they already have a Wyze Account, make sure you send it to the associated email address. If they don’t, Wyze will send a new invite.

  7. Tap Share in the top right.

Alternatively, you can also share your camera through the Account Tab -> Sharing. This can be a good option if you are sharing multiple devices or want to see what devices you have already shared.

Stop Sharing

At any point, you can stop sharing a camera. To do this, tap the device in question in Account Tab -> Sharing . You will see a list of the users you have shared the camera with. Tap Cancel to remove a shared user from the camera.

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Darn, didn’t even realize when I shared with my wife that her acct would be limited, not able to view playback. I voted and did the poll. Hope an app update fix comes sooner rather than later. But it seems wyze is focused in cranking out revenue producing products rather than improving the user experience.

Wyze. Please give us levels of trust with sharing. Some of us want people to be able to use playback and others to just watch the cameras. Maybe we only want people to get notifications. Please add this much needed feature.


Again, this is a must for those in the business/church sector who have multiple cams in multiple locations. I hate always having to be the go to person when footage is needed. It would be nice for others who I have shared the cam with to have sd card ability.

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+1 for me too, for the same reasons mentioned.

Perhaps make the sharing controllable through IFTTT so cameras could be shared based on other smart home conditions.

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In a similar vein, we need to be able to allow shared users to view Playback . Right now when we sharing , the account we share with can only view the live stream, and cannot view playback.

Our situation is that we share a lakehouse . so I have cams at my house and I have set up the lakehouse cams under my account. however I need to provide access to my relatives. I should be able to allow them to at the very least view the playback.

Perhaps 4 levels of permission?
View Only -> View Stream Only
Complete View -View Stream and Playback
Admin (View Stream and Playback, change setups)
Owner —the person who initially setup the cam.

Not sure this this the right place for this.

We need the ability to SHARE our SCENES and SHORTCUTS with the people we share our devices with. We share the home so I do not want to have to set all this up on every single family members phone.

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If you don’t mind the family members having full access, one solution is to just have everybody log into the primary Wyze account. There is nothing that prevents multiples devices from being logged into the Wyze account at the same time.