Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I agree with this! The instructions dont mention any of this about sharing. Very very frustrating. My son and I shared 5 cameras I didnt know about this bizarre restriction. Please fix and give us a download update.

We noticed this today too. I’m all for granting permissions.

Make it so.

From Wyze Team, this has been moved back to “Maybe Later” due to competing resources. We will revisit this after a few months.


It would be nice to be able to toggle on/off motion notifications from showing up in your events.

For instance i have my cameras and my parents have theirs at a lake house. They share their camera with me but i don’t want to get all their events clogging up my event notifications screen. I also don’t want the push notifications. But they should be able to still get both.

Awesome if this could be set off and on per camera.

Does this make sense?

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Yes, makes sense and is exactly the kind of thing this #roadmap topic is about.

I switched out a fixed Wyze cam for a PTZ, and it’s a camera I share with family. Unfortunately, several of them inadvertently pan the camera around when they are viewing the shot (not necessarily on purpose!), and the next time I go to view the camera, it’s pointing in some weird direction!. It would be awesome to have a toggle in the Share settings, to disable a shared viewer from being able to pan the camera around.

Pushed back at least another few months when this seems fairly straightforward and has been discussed here for close to a year already. You released a mapping with options almost 5 months ago.
Is this that complex of an issue to just limit functionality for a shared user? They’ve already got slightly reduced menu/setting options (delete device, alert sensitivity, etc). Wouldn’t it just be an extension of that? Just remove the buttons from a shared users screen so they don’t have the option to use specific features (I say this user can’t speak so they don’t even see the microphone symbol, it’s just gone for them). Even if I have to set it the same across all shared users, at least it’s a start.

If this is harder to implement than it seems could we just turn off all additional functionality until this feature is implemented? I’d rather they have just the live stream without sound instead of full functionality including being able to completely turn the camera off. How is that working as intended?

I want to share a puppy cam with some friends and family, not give them complete control of the camera and the ability to hear every conversation and noise in the house. Just the video feed…cause puppies.

Please add the functionality to disable the speaker and microphone for individual shares. I want to share video only with people.

Are there any plans to allow shared accounts to have access to the ‘View Playback’ option?

I think this would make an awesome enhancement, if possible. Maybe an enable/disable View playback setting for each shared account.

If you can add options to shared accounts, how about enable/disable settings for allowing Sound and Microphone? Instead of always allowing two-way audio for shared accounts.

I agree 110%. A “viewer” shared user should only be able to view the live stream and view playback. Those should be the default viewer shared user permissions when this change is rolled out. Hopefully soon. =)

Hey all! Love our Wyze at home. I want to get a couple for the office and share with my employees. Is there a quick way to switch between my home and work? I still want to get notifications. Kind of like I have a personal Instagram and a business instagram. I get notifications for both, and switching between them is super easy. that would be INCREDIBLE. Thanks!

Put all cameras under you own Wyze account. You will be able to view them all. Share only the work camera(s) to your employees’ Wyze account(s). They will only be able to view the work camera(s).

Just want to add that I would also love to be able to customize permissions for sharing. Mostly I just want to be able to turn th sound off for shared cameras. Hope this gets implemented soon!

Hi all! I’d like to request the ability to disable notifications on shared devices. Currently, if notifications are disabled by either party (owner, shared) then it will disable notifications for the device in both accounts.

Example: My family has a camera with notifications turned on that they share with me. They love the notifications, but I do not need to see them on my device. Currently I receive all notifications from their camera unless notifications are disabled on the device (and for my family). It would be cool to locally be able to disable notifications for shared devices while leaving them intact by the device owner.


Same situation with me, I have cameras shared with me that , I do want shared with me , but I don’t need or want All of the notifications and Video clips All the time

It’s great that we can share our cameras with other users, but it’d be better if we could restrict the days of the week and times of the day that they can be accessed. I’d love to be able to share the camera that we use as a nursery monitor with our babysitter, but I’d rather not give her access to it 24/7/365.

A view only option would be great or some way to disable the microphone. This could be very helpful to prevent startling someone or waking the baby if it was accidentally activated since it is in the middle of the screen as well.


To me this is critical. I want to be able to share my camera feeds, but I do NOT want others to be able to turn my cameras on and off or pan/zoom unless I specifically grant permission. I had one camera in a bedroom, turned off. Kept finding it turned back on and pointed somewhere I didn’t want it pointed. Had to unplug it. Other camera, I set alerts for motion. Friend turned them off. Friend I’ve shared with should have her own alerts options, separate from mine.


I would love it if my family could watch/download the playback too. I understand that there can only be 1 admin for a camera but it would be great if the admin could grant/cancel some admin features to their shared users.

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I have 10 cameras in my house and I created 1 main email and 2 emails shared to my family member and each email has specific shared camera. I would like Wyze support to ADD PERMISSIONS on shared email so people who has access the shared email cannot TURN on and OFF the camera using shared email account. I am the only one who has access of the main email in my iOS but since there is no permissions on shared email. Anyone who has access to the SHARED email can turn “ON” and “OFF” the camera anytime. When camera is OFF, it will stop recording or stop uploading recordings in the cloud. I have lost recording coz family members who has access to the shared email ACCIDENTALLY press the ON and OFF button when viewing the LIVE camera feed. There should have a PERMISSION for Shared Emails so they can ONLY view and cannot make “Settings” changes unless permission is given from the main email account holder. See attached photo for sample.


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