Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

odhiambo has it right.

but “somewhat better than now” – even if wyze did not get it “right” – would be welcome news

At this point the Home Monitoring Service doesn’t allow multiple users. I am the Home Monitoring main user. I am able to manage the security system and arm/disarm the system from the Wyze app.

My wife has a Wyze account and is able to see shared devices (e.g. door sensors) on the app. But not being the main user she cannot see the Home Monitoring Service part of the app to be able to arm/disarm or manage the security system. This is a REALLY important feature for a security system. More than one user needs to be able to manage the system without sharing credentials.

Multiple users are a critical feature that needs to be added.


I agree 100%. I just activated my home security service and found out there is NO sharing with another account. I just switch from and I was able to share with my wife and daughter. This is a step backward that Wyze does not have this feature. They MUST add this feature asap.


Still waiting for ability for shared users to view SD card playback.


C’mon WYZE… this should be a basic functionality that should already exist. Please folks, when is it coming? Thank you!


I agree. I love one that is in the same household is lighter into my account on her phone and it still doesn’t have the monitoring system on there. I wish they would hurry with sharing.

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I would love to have the option when sharing to share either video or sounds with friends.

For example I could share our pool camera with our neighbor. That way he could check to see if we are out back. I don’t want to share audio so he can eavesdrop on us talking about how he visits to much. Lol

Jumping in on this conversation - new to Wyze, here. But this seems like a no brainer, we need to hav ethe ability to have more than one “admin” with full access. Many households have more than one user than should have complete access to the system and settings, without having to share a single account.


Sarcasm incoming…

So what I’m reading is you all feel that tiered permissions are more important than spending time on the new floor lamp that just opened for pre-order.

Now onto my rant…
This company got to big to quick and has lost its way.
User experience is the lowest priority for Wyze now, and there goal now seems to be to flood the market with products know one knew they needed.

I have roughly 20 Wyze products and have been praising to family members for a couple years.

No more praise or money from me.
They still haven’t came through on permissions or rtsp for V3 cams.


I totally agree with you!!!


I have a few cameras now that I share with a room mate - who I don’t trust much. I would like to limit access to settings severely from them. I like the cameras quite a bit and the app too but there’s got to be some headway done with permissions limiting… I might end up switching out the cams with something else soon as I have caught my roommate turning off my cameras already.
Oh, and notifications for network disconnects/power offs would be absolutely grand too. Only reason why I caught the power off was because motion sensors I had from another company.

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I just received and set up my Home Monitoring System and was astounded – and pretty peeved – that I can’t share it with my wife. That’s nuts. If I had known that I would not have bought it. They are making such a big push on this system and yet omit a central functionality. This really needs to be addressed ASAP.


I just found this out and was shocked as well. I hope they will take a look at these suggestions and start to make some changes soon though I suspect they won’t based on lack of progress so far.

Very disappointed.



Can’t share SD Card playback with my wife?! I’ll hold off paying for Cam Plus until this becomes possible.


Would be awesome if I could share the home monitoring service with my wife so she can control it from the Wyze app as well!

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I have an account with several items including the Doorbell and have the CAM Plus annual membership. We recently bought the Cam v3. My husband set it up, using his email not mine. I can’t merge the accounts to use the annual membership we already paid for.

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Either Wyze just does not monitor these forums at all, or they really could give a flying fig about their customers. Has anyone had any positive experiences with any other updated features or support provided workarounds from them on ANY Wyze products?

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We have been using the single account approach to allow sharing for a long time but we recently got WyzeWatch and that meant we had to create separate accounts (because the users personal information - sex, height, weight) is stored per account rather than per device so you can’t have two different peoples watches on the same account.

So now we’ve switched to sharing and found this problem with permissions.

Late to this party but would like to see some movement on this feature.

Wyze fan (8 cameras, 2 doorbells, 2 thermostats, 1 vacum, 2 watches, couldn’t get the car!)

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I have an idea. Any zone that needs to be monitored by or for two users – put in TWO WyzeCams, each on their own account e-mail. Each user then gets the alerts and notices they want and set – and the other isn’t bothered. Worried about privacy? Well, no unauthorized person can see YOUR camera.

This is a bit hard on the family budget and puts a double load on the WiFi and ISP, but it would be just great for Wyze! They’d sell twice as many devices!