Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

We need for family members to have the ability to View microSD card footage on Shared Cameras. Mom is not tech savvy and us adult kids are trying to keep her safe. The ability to View microSD card footage on Shared Cameras could easily be achieved by allowing this to be a camera SHARING OPTION by the camera owner.

We need the guest permission! Our dog sleeps in a crate in our bedroom, and we have a camera pointed on him. We want our kids to be able to view the camera, but we don’t want them to have access to audio because we do… stuff. Thanks!

Hello Andyoo,

When I mentioned tiered access would benefit some users who might have a cam in the bedroom I drew some questioning remarks.

Thank you for pointing out one reason why a family might (a) want that access AND (b) might NOT want all users to have it.

I hope Wyze has a new year’s resolution to fulfill the suggestions on the wish list more than a year old.

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It is hard to believe this has not been addressed.
We bought 5 for our company so that the bosses can make sure people are properly distancing and wearing masks for Covid-19 safety. I suggested them and set them up because I have one at home. Now the bosses who wanted them can’t check recordings and I, as IT person who had to set them up, but doesn’t want to see them, can.
What a waste.

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There is a fix coming that should resolve this eventually, though it is months away (it will be released sometime after the home monitoring system, which means we’re probably looking at March at the earliest).

For now, your bosses should be able to live view the cameras and see the 12 second cloud clips (they could see all the Cam Plus videos if you had that). One solution is to put those cams on a separate account that they all have access to (rather than an account for you).

Of course, none of that should be necessary, and hopefully the update will come soon and fix the issue.

I would like to see the ability for every shared user to be able to adjust own notification settings. On the wyze lock, I would like to select what users get to see who’s entering when utilizing a unique keypad code

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I’m not sure if anyone has said this already, but my boyfriend and I just signed into the same account on each phone, and that seems to work for reviewing the sd card recorded footage.

Yes, that works if all you have are cams. The problem is that some people also have Wyze devices that require separate accounts to use them. For example: Smart Scale, Smart Band, Smart Watch. Each of those requires that each user has a separate login to store their data for these devices (weight, heartrate, oxygen levels…otherwise it has no idea which data is for which user). Then if they try to view the cams playback from their login, it doesn’t work. Wyze needs to fix that since they are forcing people with those devices to have separate logins.


Request that when sharing your camera with other people that you can grant them permission’s for certain things, specifically would love to see the option where you can prevent them from being able to do two-way audio. when sharing my camera outside I don’t wanna have them being able to speak back and disturb the neighbors.

The last update is from July 2019. Can someone update this? Personally, I would be fine with just owner and guests as long as I can assign other people as owners when I share with them.

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People - that I have shared my cam with - can turn on my camera. I don’t want that. I want them to see through the camera lens only when I turn my camera on.

If you could give us the option to allow / not allow turning the camera on - for the people who we share our cams with - that would be great.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: “stuff” way to keep the chat PG rated.

So yes Wyze can we get a rep to answer when we might expect an update or just toss this idea as never gonna happen. It’s been over 2 years now since this topic was first brought up and still no correct fix…

When they launched their HMS Pre-order in December they said in that thread that they are working on a Role-Based Sharing option that should cover this wishlist request. The way it was described makes it sound like it will allow us to set up different limits for different groups people (spouse permissions, kids permissions, babysitter, etc).

Wyze rarely says when such features can be expected until they are finally being released because when they try to do that people get out of control with entitlement and throw tantrums and make misrepresentations if there is any kind of delay or if things change differently from their original non-binding projection guesstimations or someone else’s misinterpretation of what they said. So now all they often say is that it is something they are working on, and we just have to wait until they tell us it has launched.

If I had to guess, I would say it is extremely unlikely to happen before the HMS ships this spring, and I am sure the permissions updates will be a few months after that, because they’ve indicated that at launch, only the main account holder can use the HMS in the app. Everyone else will have to use the keypad. They’ve been setting expectations that it will be months before varying HMS permissions can be shared with others, hence why I say this won’t happen until Summer 2021 at the earliest. That’s the non-binding, non-Wyze presumable timeline I’d bank on as the earliest, and it could be as late as fall or winter following summer based on how long it sometimes has taken them to send other updates they said they were working on for other products. Basically just set your hope for sometime in 2021 based on hints they have said.


Maybe I’m missing something (though I can’t see how considering I checked everywhere I could think of), but I flippantly asked my wife if she was annoyed by the Wyze Lock alerts since the housekeepers were repeatedly opening and closing the door. That’s when she told me that she doesn’t get alerts and I learned that only I received notifications.

Why is this?

I would love to be able to assign permissions to designated users. Some people should receive all the notifications I receive (ie, my wife), while some shouldn’t (ie, my in-laws).

Basically just set your hope for sometime in 2021 based on hints they have said.

No problem. I can just avoid spending any more money with Wyze until they show whether or not they are a transparent responsive customer-oriented company or not. I can wait. A very long time, if necessary.

Of course on this particular user request the community has already waited a very long time.

Sarcasm aside, there would seem to be two approaches to this common problem. One is add a menu that would allow users to add sub-users and toggle on or off features of interest to those new sub-accounts. Two is to have the Wyze boffins in the back room use their imaginations and psychic powers to try and forecast what users might want – then try to implement tools to suit the imaginary requirements.

The first approach seems to be what the messages here are asking for, and the second approach seems to be what Carver believes Wyze is actually trying to do.

Hmm, that didn’t seem to be putting sarcasm aside in the way my explanation was misrepresented. Apparently my post was entirely misunderstood. What I described is what is listed above as choice #1…and the mocking was disrespectful, unnecessary, and not very appreciated when I was only trying to answer someone and inform others what Wyze has actually said and be helpful to people looking for such information. Please review the community guidelines about being civil and respectful to individuals.

Let me clarify for the sake of anyone else who may have also misunderstood. For example, You would be able to create a user permission group of “Spouse” then in the Spouse group, you would select to all ALL permissions so they can turn the cameras on or off, check the SD card, alter rules, whatever. Then any account you share spouse permissions with could have access to everything. You could then set another group of permissions called “Baby-sitter” and choose which permissions you want anyone labeled as “babysitter” to have access to. In this case, you would certainly not give them permission to turn the cameras off, and maybe you would only enable certain permissions when they are scheduled to be at the house. If you wanted, you could have separate permissions for each user instead of the same permissions set for groups of similar types of users. Instead of having one called “Kids” who all have the same access to lights, etc…I suppose you could give each kid their own different permissions (ie: not allow your son to turn on or off your daughter’s room lights for example), but maybe some people don’t want to set up different permissions for each child (I have a friend with 13 kids, and that would take a long time to do each individually), and instead just make one set of permissions and tag that same group of permissions for each child account…saves a lot of time.

At least, that’s what I’ve interpreted Wyze to be saying they are working on, not some magical guess work, but who knows, I could be wrong. Technically All we’ve been told is that there will be “Role-Based sharing” soon, when I asked Wyze what this meant, this was the only response we got:

So it could certainly mean something different. It just seems logical to me that ROLE-BASED means you are setting a type of role the person has (family, baby-sitter, etc) and setting individual codes means you would set individual permissions for those groups of people, such as all the stuff being requested here like not allowing some roles to be able to turn off the cameras, but allow others to be able to do this. Again, none of us really know because that’s the extent of the information we’ve received thus far.