Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

"Yes, there are several features that would make these cameras more useful to some people. Wyze has added many such features, "

I’d be interested to see the list of “such features” added since 2018.

Admin vs User access wouldn’t be on a list of “such features” added.
PC /Windows (or Linux?) interfaces wouldn’t be on the list.
LAN storage instead of cloud storage wouldn’t be on it.
An actual “user’s manual” – a simple instruction book – wouldn’t be on it.

There are levels of difficulty to programming in adding new features. There are levels of utility to the users. There are levels of capacity to the hardware and levels of priority to the ISPs trying to route packets without bringing Federal Net Neutrality goons down on their heads. I get all that.

But the more patience I’ve invested in the Wyze cam environment, the more temptation I experience to just go buy an ugly green-camo trail/game camera from the WalMart clearance rack. THAT won’t do all the things my ideal cam-device does, either. But I wouldn’t feel like waiting another month would ever improve matters.

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I love my wyze cameras. Very impressed by them. But I’d love to be able to share more than just the live and activity sections on my camera. I’d love to be able to give my partner access to the recordings and not have to share an account. I totally get that you can’t allow an unlimited number of people, but like up to 5 users per camera shouldn’t be that crazy. Could even limit to only one can look at old footage at a time as well.
I looked and couldn’t find this feature request so I am making my own lol.

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If the people at Wyze actually had good ideas and weren’t rude beyond belief, we wouldn’t have to criticize them, but thanks for taking away our first amendment rights…

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An idea to limit the permissions/access for shared users: you can share with friends/family without authorizing them to move the camera about, or to disable audio features. It could be as easy as a “view only” option when sharing with a new user (like google docs offers), that allows certain users access to only view the live feed in its current position. Sort of like a “child lock” feature for the camera.
For example, in my situation, I ordered a cam pan for my bearded dragon‘s tank. My friends and family are so interested in getting to tune in to watch him! But I live in a small, studio apartment, and don’t want them to have access to rotate the camera (giving them a full view to the rest of my home), or utilize the two-way audio and be able to listen to or join in on my conversations whenever they’d like. That way, complete privacy is maintained for my home, but my friends and family can still enjoy the camera feed when they’d like.

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Really?? This thread running for over 2 years and still no Shared user settings?
I’ve had my cams for a couple of years and didn’t realize that my husband couldn’t see playback, until he reinstalled one of our cameras today and re-shared with me. I’m furious that now I have no playback.

FIX this issue already!!!

p.s. I’ve had to replace 2 cameras lately that just stopped working for whatever reason. Now I’m doubtful that I’ll be buying any more, if this simple issue can’t be done.

A simple solution for that would be just simply you and your husband uses his same account with the same login credentials, He would have access to all functions that you do

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Thanks. I do understand that, but seems like a silly work-around for a problem that has been in the “working on” stage for such a long time.

In this situation, it’s husband/wife, so no big deal, but I don’t want to share the owner login with neighbors, so I still think the playback share permissions thing needs to be addressed… again.

I would like the ability to toggle on/off the ability for a user to remote unlock/lock. They should still be able to use the geo auto-unlock but not remotely let someone in.

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Shared users can affect the functionality of the camera but cannot view microSD card footage doesn’t make sense. In the ecosystem where every user in a household has an account so they can use things like the scale, they become second rate citizens when it comes to the Cams which are only owned by one person. So I share the cams with my wife, who can’t view the footage to see what time my son took his pills or if my daughter did her chores.

We need the ability’s to be able to assign full functions to shared users.


Can you add view playback to shares? maybe using user levels because my wife and I have many a as Wyze products like the weight scale and the Wyze lock and so that my wife can see the playback she has my email account in the wyze app on her iPhone but we cannot use the weight scale both and the lock does not distinguish between who opened or closed the door.

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As seen in this thread, many people are struggling because shared users accidentally turn off cameras because of the app design that makes is easy to do so by mistake. I think a lot of people would love it if Wyze can add a feature to disable shared users’ ability to turn on/off cameras. This actually makes sense since it really should be the owner/admin that gets to turn off a camera, not just any shared user.


I had this problem too with people I share devices with accidentally turning things off. Heck, I’ve accidentally tapped the wrong side of the screen and turned off a device.

As a workaround, I linked IFTTT to Wyze and have a schedule that turns on all devices every hour. So if it accidentally turns off, they turn back on.

That said. You should be able to share users and have view only status, no control. And have different access rights.

Also: perhaps a setting that hides or disabled the “turn off” feature on the main screen. It’s too easy to turn things off accidentally. I don’t ever want mine off. So I wish they’d get rid of those big buttons to turn it off so easily.

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Admin access can’t be shared and guests being able to turn off the camera is absolutely ridiculous.


Hi Pkoi ! Welcome aboard the Wyze train.

Guests being able to do everything admin users can do is absolutely normal for Wyze – if extremely abnormal everywhere else in the known universe.

I conjecture the Wyze team learned about computer systems from using the “Puppy” Linux distributions, where the only account is a super-user admin account. But there one can’t enable “guest” or lower level users.

What seems odd to me is that Wyze, knowing of this problem, doesn’t make sharing more difficult. Otherwise the baby sitter or grandma or whoever is going to – someday, maybe not even maliciously – flip into a bedroom camera and get an eyeful they did not expect …

Is it really common for people to put cams in their bedrooms? Even if I had cams in any bedrooms I would never share them with ANYONE.

The only exceptions being something like a baby cam in the baby’s room, or a cam for a very elderly or severely disabled person who needs a caretaker to be able to check in on them 24/7, otherwise cams in any bedroom for adults, teenagers, preteens, non-toddlers is a terrible idea IMO, especially would never share them. It’s like having cams in all the bathrooms.

I suppose it could be good to be able to review and see if someone broke into your bedroom and stole something…but I mean, even prisons don’t put cams in 99.99% of prisoners cells even though most of the abuse that happens occurs inside shut cells. It just seems like covering the bedroom doorway/windows is enough to know if someone entered who shouldn’t have. Plus Wyze recordings aren’t encrypted, so anyone could technically retrieve footage of you doing things you don’t want them to see/have…Eufy at least encrypts the SD card to make that impossible.

But of course, to each their own I guess…some people share livestreams of their entire lives and houses, including bathrooms 24/7.

Regardless, people should be able to choose what access different people have.

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I recently shared a few of my cameras to my employee’s phone so they could monitor things while I was out of service range a few days. My cameras are setup to send notifications when a person or motion is detected.

The employee clicked the gear on the shared camera and turned off the notifications to their phone, or at least that is what they thought they did. In fact, they turned off the notifications COMPLETELY! Meaning that nothing was recorded and no notifications where sent because they were in the settings thinking it was exclusive to their phone! (I too would have thought that).

Needless to say this is a very bad feature when sharing a camera feed. There needs to be some kind of user rights management from the main camera owner account. Someone viewing the camera feed should generally not have access to change settings unless that is specifically granted to the user. Not to mention that shared user should have their own settings to turn on/off notifications exclusive from other people who are also on the same camera share.

So either each person has their own settings, or there needs to be some kind of user rights management control so someone else cannot change camera settings by accident (or intentionally)!


I agree even if we can just have one additional owner, or like you guys said when you share either owners or guests.