Multiple Users Permissions for Shared Users



It would be good to be able to have presets then let advanced users change it, but we need to have basic categories because not everyone would want to think about these features individually. I showed this table just to give some information on what we need to consider when we enable permissions.


That would be the best of both worlds.


It would also be nice to enable permissions by schedule - especially useful for limiting L3 access.


These are awesome permissions. Right now they seem perfect, but I feel like only use is really going to be able to tell if it’s what’s needed. Imagining scenarios, I think this would cover everything. Great job!

Side note, you guys rock. It’s insane that I even get a response about this from a company or that it’s even on any software roadmap. This in itself makes me want to buy another one. Although the zoom resolution could be significantly improved on.


Add the ability for users that have access to shared cameras to view the videos that are stored in the SD card. The “View Playback” option is disabled for users that have access to a shared device.

Suggestion: granting shared users to control the camera

Conceptually looks ok… though i would raise that if L3 is “viewer” why would they need the ability to speak or record the video? A viewer is just that - only able to see the live stream.

I agree with the users above however, the ability to set individual features per shared user would be the easiest path for a lot of us.


The latest version of the app allows for individuals to turn on notifications per camera. Can the system be enhanced to provide an option of including notifications with shared individuals or not. Also include the notifications the other way. If someone you shared your camera with turns on notifications, allow an option to include the parent account in the notifications as well.


I guess the topic has been discussed in depth. I guess here is another use case…

I brought my mom a pair of WyzeCam and got my sister to get a pair of WyzeCam also. All three of us are sharing our cameras with each other. Problem is there seems to be too many events firing off from all three locations. I find it odd that my sister can turn off event notification on my cameras. I want to be notified with all events from my camera, but all those notifications seems to be too much for my sister in addition to her own cameras. I think “guests” who I shared camera notification with should have option to turn off getting notification from my camera, but not turn off notification from my camera by generating events. She end up un-subscribe my camera shares.


Voted ! :smile:
I would love this feature !

If this ever does get implemented… could we set permissions for a set amount of time? (ex: give 24 hour access to a family member)


It makes no sense to me why someone would want to share their cams with their wife , When the wife could simply use the same account :thinking:



Imagine it’s not your wife.
Let’s say it is another family member who is at your house for 4 days.
You decide to give them access to the cameras since you will be gone.
What do you do now?

  • give them your account
    • or -
  • share specific cameras for a limited amount of time with limited permissions

personally I would choose #2 but it’s a choice on your behalf
hope this clarifies why this would be a good idea whether or not it would be for their “wife”


I’m not sure why you think I need clarification, I think it’s a good idea , Never said it wasn’t .
I just made a statement , If it’s your wife just use the same account


sorry if it came across in a mean way.
I understand your point of view (wife -> same account)
Have a good day (or evening) :slight_smile:


It’s all good :slightly_smiling_face: I think you just misunderstood what I was trying to say .
I just wanted to clarify I think the feature is a good idea .


I know this is a bit late, but +1 for the ability to set custom permissions per camera and per user.

As for presets, I don’t think there should be an “Owner” preset as only the actual account owner would be at that level. I’m also assuming that all levels would get at least live view with motion alerts (which they could turn off for themselves if desired). Here’s my take:

  • “Admin” (L1)
    • Description: Spouse or other family member you trust with full control
    • all permissions except “Delete device”
  • “User” (L2)
    • Description: Family or friend who should have access to all functionality but shouldn’t change any settings
    • all permissions except “Delete device”, “Restart Device”, “Access to Camera Settings”, “Turn off”, and “Motion Tagging” (assuming that means turning that setting on/off)
  • “Guest” (L3)
    • Description: Someone who needs only basic live view and alerts, no sound or speaking
    • Only “Record” and “Take Photo” (since that’s impossible to practically restrict if they have live view)

As mentioned previously there would be exceptions and clearly custom permissions are the way to go, but a non tech-savvy consumer could probably infer the correct preset to choose based on the name and a one-line description.


I agree with these chamges


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I know this is late as well, but L3 with time settings would be great. I can create a guest account for our baby sitter, and she has access to the cameras from the app for the hours I set. It could be a daily schedule of 9-5pm. Or it could be M-F 3:00-6pm. Or whatever your specific needs are. We are struggling with this and currently let our babysitter use our iPad when she babysits. I would prefer to give her a guest account with access limited by a schedule I set.


I know that would be so useful, I wish more people would vote on this.


I would love if there were settings for each person a camera is shared with, which let you toggle on/off their permission to view the overall stream, control camera movement, hear audio, speak, take photos and record. They nearly have full access at the moment and its too much.

One of the main reasons I got this camera was because of the easy share function so my parents overseas can view a live stream of our newborn baby. However, the fact that my mother can change where the camera is looking, can hear the audio in the room and an even speak thru the camera whenever she wants bothers my wife. My wife feels like she is being spied on bc it’s too access. It would be great to be able to toggle these permissions on and off for each share. Seems like an easy addition to me. For example PetCube’s app give you control over if the person the stream is shared with can hear the audio, control the laser or throw a treat.