Multiple User Geofencing (Geo Location)

Seeing as location is already used for the lock, it would seem having this basic trigger would be helpful for rules, driving automation in lights, camera states, etc.

With the vacuum coming I also would think this would be helpful to create a more intelligent people way of allowing that to run that isn’t solely based on time.

I didn’t find this in search so apologies if there’s already a topic

Yes turning on cam when you leave the house would be incredibly useful.

It would be incredibly smooth UX to have security cams turn on when you leave the house, using a phone’s location services permissions.

Having watched a programme about Amazon, a company I have always had mixed feelings about, I am beginning to think there may be more to this. Amazon have been accused of taking other comopanies designs and manufacturing their own versions to put them out of business. The Wyze Cam is remarkably similar to the Y-Cam that I had beore. A decent camera albeit with unreliable software. It did however have Geo-fencing so no alerts when I was in the vicinity. Given the Wyze was built by ‘ex Amazon’ people I think their silence over Geo-fencing these cameras maybe has more to do with data harversting by Wyze and Amazon. Alexa after all, for those people who have those, is gathering info 24-7 so perhaps these cameras are doing the same. Why have them turn off when all that precious movement could be very useful to monitoring people’s habits. It’s all about data and money.
Big Brother Bezos did not get to be the richest man in the world by being a nice guy. Maybe what is needed is for the buyers to leave some reviews about the lack of this feature.

Hi! I think it’d be really cool to be able to set up my Wyze Pan to be able to detect when I’m home and there’s X amount of distance between us, that way it can automatically turn off the motion detection and the notifications without me doing so. Also it working backwards would be cool, I can just leave and it knows and turns on notifications and motion detection

I’m still desperately hoping for this feature as well (especially for the WYZE Home Monitoring System to arm based off of the location of multiple devices)…but for those that aren’t completely against using Google’s location services, I use their new Home/Away feature in the Google Home app (previously Home Away assist in the Nest app). I have set it up for both me and my wife so that both of us have to leave to trigger the Away routine, and when the first one shows up, the Home routine runs. The only thing I’m having the away routine do is trigger a WYZE plug to turn on when we leave. Then in the WYZE app I have set a device trigger rule (which I call Away (Armed)) for whenever the WYZE plug turns on to run all of the actions I want (like turning on camera notifications, door sensors notifications, lock the WYZE lock, etc.), then the Home routine turns the plug off, and again the WYZE app has a rule (which I call Home (Disarmed)) that just reverses all the previous actions when that plug turns off. This was my substitution for Life360 —> IFTTT since Life360 left IFTTT. It’s been flawless in my experience and executes really quickly so I’ve been pleased. I’m sure not everyone will want to use Google’s location services so please don’t rag on that. Just providing this as a solution for those that have a WYZE plug and want to try it out. :+1:t2:

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I’d like to see the ability to have the cameras turn off inside when I arrive home and then turn on when I leave via geofencing.

I don’t want the cameras on in the house when I’m home but manually turning them on and off each time I come and go eventually leads to me forgetting to turn them back on when I leave and then they’re useless.

Amazon cameras (I’m sure others do too) have this feature and it works well. I think this would be a very important and valuable feature for the Wyze app to incorporate geofence based events and triggers.


Yes please add this

I really want a feature where you leave your house person detect notifications then on and when you arrive back at your house person detect notifications turn off. This feature would be much easier than having to press the bell button to stop notifications from coming on

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This is a much-needed feature.

This is a NO-BRAINER feature that’s needed. I’m getting notified that I’M in my house!

Absolutely need this. My Hive heating system has this so this would make even more sense. Please make this a priority.

I would add though that geofencing/location can be camera specific selectable, not all or none.

It took Arlo a while to get geofencing figured out and it still has problems at times. Once Wyze puts focus back into their software and not producing new hardware weekly it should be possible in 5-7 yrs.

Though now with Cam Plus subscription they should be able to put some of that money towards the app and firmware software. Arlo cameras are expensive but a one time cost, they make their money in Arlo Smart subscriptions. Since 1 Arlo camera cost $2.99 per month they have more money to throw at the issue. They also don’t have a plethora of other devices, just cameras.

How Long does it take to implement a simple feature like this? This has been a customer request for years. Stop dividing your attention away from your core products. We don’t need handheld vacuums, watches, scales, etc. Focus on home security and automation. Listen to your customers and implement simple software improvements that your long time core customers are asking for.