Multiple User Geofencing (Geo Location)

This is a very important feature to utilize the sensors. I looked into Life360 + IFTTT + Wyze, but even it couldn’t do this correctly. I have sensors and cameras, but I keep the whole system muted all the time because otherwise I’m getting notifications all the time with a large family. I need a way to control the notifications such that only relevant ones are pinging me and geofencing is the only option because time schedule can’t compensate for deviations from the schedule.

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Using location to determine when your not home so that the cameras will send notifications only when your away

And to determine when you are home so they will not send notifications

And possibly something so that if theres more than one device/person it wont arm until all of the devices/people are out of the area/GeoFence

I think wyze needs to consider adding location to the shortcuts, Such as if i leave this location i set this to happen or if i come home then the cameras and sensors do this.

They haven’t done this because you can integrate that using IFTT. I guess that works if you like to use IFTT, but that level of automation only works out to a point. Unfortunately now that I’ve been using their App and products, I find myself wanting more automation and they refuse to provide it :cry:

I’ve since bought some Eufy cams, they feature Homekit integration, and I can choose to start getting notifications when “the last person” leaves the home, not just when I leave the home.

Yes I’ve been asking for this for over a year now. It just falls on def ears.

I hope Wyze releases this soon! It would be nice to set up where the cameras will turn off when you get home!

Yah fair enoug, but I find iftt doesn’t always work. Time and time again I come home and the camera is on and no off like I have it set. Also iftt doesn’t work for multiple people coming and going. Need proper geo fencing for that which they don’t do. Ya I went with Arlo for my out door cams as they have proper geo fencing.

I tried using IFTTT but it just does not work. mainly because it fails to notice when im within the range i set.

Having multiple user geofencing for notifications is my biggest concern!

My previous cams had a feature that automatically sent a ‘welcome home’ greeting when it detected I was in the area, based of course on my mobile. I had the opportunity to set the cameras to then stop detecting motion and thus refrain from constantly sending me motion detection warnings. It was much more convenient than switching them on or off each time.

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In September, 2019, I chimed in that Wyze should incorporate the geofencing feature into its cam software, since the Amazon Cloud Cams already had this implemented well. I don’t have any expectation that Wyze will incorporate this feature, since Wyze seems to understandably wish to broaden its line of products rather than put effort into this feature.

Come on, adding a trigger when the phone is not at the same place as the cameras is easy. Just add an address field. This is the real automation for triggers and rules.

can we have an At Home option which turns the cameras off when the registered cell phones are in the house? My amazon cloud cam has this option