Multiple User Geofencing (Geo Location)

The fact the tag this topic has says, “researching”, rather than “maybe-later” or “probably-not” is actually a promising indicator Wyze is working on this. :slight_smile:

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I have a house mate - we dont want Life360 since we dont really want to be able to snoop on each other and our location - is there any alternative? “Last person home” seems like a fairly obvious requirement, and is available on the same hardware provided by Neo.

Or can we have Life360 running, so that IFTTT knows our location, but other house members don’t?

Anyone with access to the Life360 account would be able to see where you are unfortunately

Well that’s annoying! Lets hope Wyza wise up to this request then - last leaving, and first home should be a fairly basic specification to fulfill.

This would be nice if Wyze could do this!

One feature on the Amazon cloudcam that I love is that I can set it to not record when it finds me nearby. It knows my location from the Amazon cloud cam app and I can set it to not record/watch me when home. I’d love to see that feature on Wyze and be able to control which devices work/don’t when I’m nearby (and let me define nearby).

What if you are nearby when someone enters your yard and steals your favorite lawn chair?

Maybe you are concerned with internal cams only?

I’d want to set the location sensitivity relative to the camera. Don’t record within 100’ etc. But I’d also want it by camera so I’d let it record my outdoor facing cameras but not my ones inside my house when I’m home (or perhaps not when I’m home and its before I go to bed etc).

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I could see using motion sensors to accomplish this but how would you record internal intruders?

Just curious how you would detect friend or foe.

Just have the Wyze so use gps to know my proximity. Same as amazon. I’m legit as I have the app and access to the device that would go off

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That’s why I just let mine record when I home also, and if anyone truly wants to hack in and see that, they will be sorely disappointed :grin:

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Hi @howarth83.

I used my NEST thermostat geofence to trigger the IFTTT routine. Since my family is all part of the NEST geofence, it solves the multi-family issue. No camera comes on while people are home, once the last person leaves the routine is triggered.

Caveat is that the it doesn’t trigger “immediately”. But usually within 30 minutes or so. So WYZE offering this natively would be the “ideal” solution.

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Nest’s IFTTT integration is suspect these days.

I don’t trust that it will continue to work in the future, and nobody new can set up the integration.

Ahh I have Tado which is similar…first in, last out - so IFTTT should work well in partnership! WHOOP!

Hi! I’m a new user of the WYZE camera; and love it so far. I’ve seen posts requesting and replies that geofencing is now available. (ie: to be able to have the camera automatically start/stop notifications and/or recording when you are at the camera’s address)
I’m turning off notifications via the accounts section; but this seems cumbersome…and could be automatic. Anything available I’m missing, or is this feature in the pipeline?
thanks for your input!

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Using IFTTT you could set up Location triggers to do what you want.
You can also create actions based on your phone connecting/disconnecting to your home Wifi or Bluetooth device in your home.
The Wifi connection trigger may be more reliable than Location.

If you aren’t familier with IFTTT check here:

All of this is a workaround. I doubt Wyze has intentions of adding this feature.

I’ve decided to have some trust in my smart home devices in return for the convenience.

Anyone who is paranoid about such things shouldn’t use them unless they have built the hardware and software themselves.

Hey Wrecks0; not paranoid; just looking for a way to enable/disable notifications when I leave/return home.
Biggest challenge is to remember to turn them on again when I leave. Getting a notification when I return home reminds me the camera is on, I turn off notifications when home so my phone calms down.
Seems a simple solution is to have the camera and/or notifications turn off when my phone reconnects to my wifi, or GPS coordinates, etc. BUT, I’m not smart enough to code this ;0)

What I’m looking for is the ability to set schedules based on time and location contingencies. The simple command I want is “when I’m away, turn on motion detection/recording.” The more complicated command I want is “when I’m home, turn off motion detection/event recording between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM.” That way I would be able to be home during the day without triggering a million events recordings, but then while I’m in bed the sensors and cameras are actively watching the rest of the house for intruders.

You can do this with IFTTT. If This Then Than.
This could be connecting or disconnecting to/from your home wifi.
That would be disabling/enabling Wyze notifications.
It works for android. Not sure about Apple.