Multiple events schedule for doorbell chime

I just received my Wyze video doorbell. So far, love it.
It would be nice if the schedule for the add on chime had the capability for multiple on and off events. Currently, you can only have it all day or within a time bracket. I would like to be able to have the time bracket but then have it shut off mid-day when I put my daughter down for her nap.

Thank you.

Great idea. Or possibly allow rules to interact with doorbell features/schedule. For example i want my doorbell to be on mute or lower volume during nap time.


I second that Wyze (if you are reading this…)
I have a toddler at home and he has his schedule naps.
It would be if I was able, for example, to mute the doorbell chime between 1pm and 3 pm and between 9pm and 6am.
If you can add that to the App that would be awesome!
p.s. also some more funny chime options (for kids…)

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Agreed much needed feature!

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