Multiple Administrator accounts

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I have set up my Wyze Cams, can i enable another user to be an administrator?

When i am in playback mode, is there a way to indicate the event in the time line?

When in playback mode, is it possible to have an option to playback in 2x, 4x, 8x 16x faster instead of the true realtime?

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If you want a trusted member in your household to have full control over your cameras, just install the app on their phone using the same credentials.

If you have an event you want to find in the timeline of the onboard SD card, just press the SD card icon that says Playback when viewing the event. The 12s event will jump to the same time on the SD card to see as much of the event as you set the SD card to record.

You can’t currently view anything in fast playback when you are on the SD card from the app, but you can pull the card and put it on a desktop, where VLC will allow you to do just that.


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No problem. But we are not Wyze employees, just fellow users like yourself. :slight_smile:

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Hi Newshound
Thanks for your reply, it is great have have a community where we can share questions, answers and experiences.

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Hey thanks Newshound! That’s one feature I did not know about. OK, I don’t use events much at all, so I had not noticed that - but it works great.


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