Multiple accounts with the application [Moved]



Hi - I was wondering if you currently support a way to have multiple accounts within 1 application. The scenario is that I want to use some of my cameras at home and some of my cameras at my private business location. I would like my wife to be able to use the same account for our home cameras but wouldn’t want her to have access to my work cameras. Something like being able to have multiple gmail accounts and switch from one to the other or see devices from all accounts in one list.


You do have the ability to enable other people to have access to the cameras via the app. Under Devices, there is a < share icon. Each camera can be shared separately with whomever you’d like.


On the devices page in the app, you can click on Share to give access to different users via email. you can choose not to share your work cameras in this case.


It doesn’t appear to allow you to get the notifications that is set via the owner. In other words, if you share the business cams to your home account and set motion detection on the business account, you don’t get the motion detection (for the business camera) at home…and, as far as I can see, you can’t set options (such as motion detection) on a shared camera.

Am I missing something?


Why can I use the microphone function as the account holder but my wife who shares my account cannot?


You can have multiple accounts within 1 application with a different password and gmail,


If you want your wife to have full access , she just needs to log into the app with same email and password as you, no sharing needed