Multi-camera view on Alexa

Wyze team we need you to integrate the Camera Group Name with Alexa so we can see multiple cameras through Alexa enabled screens. Also, a PC app would be great. I’m hesitant to use RTSP because I do not have unlimited data plan with my ISP and am afraid of overages. Thank you!


Does anyone know if this has been implemented yet? I can view single cameras on my 4k firestick using alexa but it won’t show my camera group.

Not that I have seen. I have been using TinyCam Pro to view multiple cameras at one time on my FireTV. If you have more than 6 cameras through, it will severely slow down your network. Also, make sure your cameras are set to 360p and no SD or HD because viewing 4 or more will kill your network then.

Natively, the Amazon devices (Show, FireTV, Fire tablets, etc.) cannot do this, but you can add the TinyCam Pro app to your Amazon devices. I purchased this app several years ago for $0.00 when the Amazon App Store gave away free apps each month, but it is well worth paying full price for it.

The TinyCam Pro app allows you to set up 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras (ANY wifi cameras, even different camera brands in the same view) in a single view. I often view a single camera, or four cameras in a grid, on my TV (using a Fire Stick with the App installed), from my Fire Tablet 8 or my Gen-1 Show.

The TinyCam Pro app does eat a lot of memory, so you will have to reboot the Show or tablet every day or so to clear the cache to prevent it from lag or dropping feed, but it is a small price to pay to view several cameras at the same time.

As mentioned above by @foxminion04 , the App does drag down your network if viewing multiple cameras, at high resolution, at the same time, or viewing for long periods of time, but still it isn’t bad if you have a good router and bandwidth.

I believe the point is that users would like to be able to see multiple cameras at once, so to allow Alexa to show camera groups or the better option would be to create an official Wyze app for Amazon Firestick. 12 well as roku and other tv smart app devices.

That is correct. You can use the Wyze app to display only up to 4 cameras at once.

I have 16 I would like to display on a monitor and view at one time and this is where the issue is. Yes, you can setup and configure TinyCam Pro to do this but the network on which you are running your cameras will be so bogged down with traffic it will become unusable.

I have since given up on trying to get this to work at my shop. I have gone back to using my Zosi camera system instead.

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Ok I am looking to be able to view my multiple Camera Groups on my Amazon Devices (ex.Firestick,EchoShow). Like I can in the app. And like I do with my single camera now on my Amazon Devices. I think that would be Absolutely Amazing to be able to do so!! Now please anyone in the group please correct me if I am wrong and there is already a way to do so. And if there is if someone will PrettyPlease w/:cherries:s teach me how! Bc honestly I have tried asking Alexa everyway could think&she of course had me feeling dumb by the end of the day.:joy_cat: But if it’s not already available this is my Wish for you all at @Wyze

Thank you for your time,

Please forgive me I’m very new to this. Positive constructive feedback is appreciated.


You are able to do this with the TinyCam Pro app on the Amazon Devices but there are performance issue when viewing more than 4 camera at once. See my last post above this about that.

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Yes you can do this on tinycam app but not with using Alexa. Also many many issues with freezes, buffering, and doesn’t work well with the new v3 cam. I have contacted tech support many times, and they claim it is being looked at but nothing for over a year now. Doesn’t look good for actually getting it done with Wyze. Also asked for an actual Wyze app for Amazon fire products, since it’s suppose to work with Alexa this makes sense. Again, supposedly being looked at, but nothing for over a year. Use to have access to a third party app, but that is not available anymore it seems. Easy fix! Create a Wyze app for the platform.

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