Multi Cam LIVE view !!!!



I can not stress strongly enough the very real and practical benefit of an opening Live Screen view of at least 4 cameras.

If possible a simple swip to the next screen of 4 live view cameras etc etc

An outdoor version is also desirable, however if kept dry the current Wyze cameras are working FLAWLESSLY in Lake Placid, New York with -20 below temps this year.

A car cam version would also be great, as would many of the other suggested ideas.

FIRST and FOREMOST though is the ability to switch from camera to camera faster and easier and the answer to that is having the MULTIPLE camera LIVE view pages!!!



I agree. There should also be many more camera thumbnails on one screen. For example, my Foscam app shows 8 at a time, all with live updating.

The frame rate for the live thumbnails does not need to be very high. One frame per second would be plenty fast enough. The resolution could also be reduced to sub-720 if possible. All of this would save bandwidth while still providing the user all the info needed to choose which camera to look at in more detail.


Excellent addition to the post, your suggested solutions would indeed be acceptable and my only disagreement is that the waterproofing cam wait. Multi-view etc is top priority and since it’s software driven easier than hardware design and manufacturing.

Anyone can easily create a daytime cover / shielding to keep the water ? and snow :snowflake: off their WYZE cameras.

The tempurature isn’t an issue, believe me.



Hairs… I did not mean to imply that waterproof has priority in my world over multi cam live view. The multi cam live view is top priority. In fact, I am about to put one outside under cover and I believe it will be fine if kept dry. We’ll see what happens when the temps get up in the 90s, but that’s many months away.


Understood, I thought your choice of the weatherproof version in the pole meant it was a higher priority to you.


I voted for “Absolutely Critical Now”


Oh ok … thanks for the support.

Asci see it combined with the Q2 vot s we are leading the poll.


I would worry more about the stability of the software! Constant rebooting needed for connection issues, no notifications for motion detection, no video for notifications, all common issues that I don’t seem to have with my Xiaomi camera and app.


Your concerns are real, however they are unfounded as many of the software programs that other cameras use easily refresh live view without notifications while in multi view, then return to the current available view with all current features when you prefer that.

Multi camera viewing is an option added to what’s available with all BASIC viewing options on higher priced / quality cameras.

I have been informed that WYZE indeed recognizes they need this feature and is currently working on available options.

Rest assured it’s coming and it will win you over to see 4 + camera views simultaneously … LIVE !!!


I would like the camera thumbnail to update when you “pull down to refresh”, or thumbnail images of the alter videos before this. To me, I think multiple camera viewing should be way down on the list.


Multi camera viewing is an option added to what’s available with all BASIC viewing options on higher priced / quality cameras.

I have been informed that WYZE indeed recognizes they need this feature and then are thankfully currently working on some great available options.

Rest assured it’s coming and it will win you over to see 4 + camera views simultaneously … LIVE !!!


Tao has answered this on Reddit this way, when asked the question:



“Viewing live videos from multiple cameras… is that a possibility? If the frame rate dropped to 1fps in multi-cam view, that’d be fine.”



<span style=“color: #222222; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;”>“Multiple camera in one view is our roadmap. It is a big feature which will take some time to be developed. Connection stability and performance are the biggest concerns.”</span>



If you combine the quick live refresh and multi cam view poll totals it seems one take away is that there is a clear preference is for a quick software upgrade with hardware additions to follow.


RickO your RightOn !!!

Although there are numerous possibilities to alleviate the pain the current single cam view, back and forth clinkiness imparts to all of us … I see at least 4 cam multiview being necessary.

Your logic in using 8 of course would be even better and the spec suggestions support the idea without creating new issues.

My DRONE Mobile iPhone controlled car starter provides live maps tracking of our 2018 Camry XSE without a hiccup and as you point out many other camera software options do MultiView very well.

I’m likely in the minority with WYZE as I am completely Smart Homed to the MAX.

One pole revealed a large percent of WYZE owners / users only have 2-3 cameras.

I operate 10 and three others from competing brands.

The issue of bandwidth as related to multiple IoT connected home automation products is managed by the latest Modem / Wireless Routers. If you wanna play in this new (Siri for me) voice command wireless world at home you need the right support tools to go along with your fancy toys.

New Home Pod, Latest Phillips Hue lights, Smart Thermo’s, Touch Free Door locks, and wireless surveillance cameras inside and outside including the chicken coup and dog house all need the hardware devises to accomodate their streaming demands.

The addition of multi-viewing of live cameras with WYZE will not impact a properly invested in and set up Future Home with wireless Smart integration.




With the latest announcement of V2 cameras and the Firmware / Software releases this week, all evidence suggests WYZE is serious about continuing down this road of low cost surveillance domination!!!

With 8 original cameras operating flawlessly and two V2’s ordered, I have less invested including the shipping, micro SD cards, and extra length Monoprice USB powering cables ($360.00) than many competitors would charge for just a few of their highly overpriced cameras.

I’m an admitted FULL ON APPLE-HOLIC up in the middle of the NY nights at 3:00am to early order EVERY new Apple product released.

I say this to clarify that overpaying for the BEST doesn’t bother me in the least.

Apple’s latest Macbook Pro, iPhone X, HomePod, iPad Pro, and the Apple Watcb V3 are all worth my $.

And so are my WYZE cameras !!!

Now roll out the Multo-view camera feature in the next app update so perfection and continue to win over the masses!!!



I would agree it’s bad needed. Be the leader not the follower.


The pole has quieted ???

… come on let’s get WYZE moving on this need for multi viewing and live updating options.

ITS SOFTWARE CODING and can be easily added to the current compilation.


Given that you own an iPad Pro, do you feel that landscape mode support throughout the app is a priority, as I do? Very awkward now to use the app on an iPad (esp. if in a case). FWIW … I use the app exclusively on a iPad Pro 9.7" (2016 version).


+1 for multi-camera livestream view (i.e. 4/8/12) app home screen that supports landscape and portrait orientation.


+1000000 for multi-cam view. I’d like to test the use of WyzeCams in a school environment (East Voyager Academy in Charlotte, NC), but it’s no good if we can’t see at least 4 cameras <span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>live</span> in one screen (do 8, I’m sold, we’ll buy you out, lol)

Believe me, we’ll be buying a lot of wyzecams (our school has <500 acres of room to grow) and will be happy to write an extensive use case for our potential bulk purchase if Wyze can implement a reliable multi-cam view (8/screen is preferable, but we can make 4/screen work) before May 15th, 2018 – that is when I’ll be signing off on our security system for the year. We have a 1500sqft campus, expecting 300 students in year 1, serving grades K-4 as well as preschool, adding a grade every year through Grade 8. Our first day of school will be August 27, 2018.

We need our system installed well before then – I’m keen on Wyzecam because of it’s cost-to-benefit ratio, but it’s hard to sell the benefit without that one <i>critical</i> feature. And while I know Wyzecam was not designed for business use, the practical benefits of this feature easily extend into the home, as well.

I’m looking forward to receiving and testing out the 2 Wyzecam v2s I’ve ordered – I really hope Wyzecam manages to add this feature sooner rather than later.