Mozilla WebThings IOT gateway Plugin Integration

I would like to see somebody develop a Mozilla IOT Gateway plugin so that cams can be integrated in the application. From the website:

" Add-ons

The gateway supports a unique and flexible Add-on framework that helps users tie legacy devices, non-IP devices, and other non-standard devices into the web thing API framework. Only three add-ons are installed by default, and the rest must be added manually by the user. Because the add-on upgrades are independent from the core gateway application, they can be updated at any time."

I could not code my way out of a paper bag so I am hoping someone would come along and develop a way to monitor my cams in MozIOT.

I’m almost sure this will require API support from Wyze, and so far, they have been silent on anything API-related.

That’s too bad. I am sure I can come up with a limited functionality workaround but it would be a good thing for Wyze to offer a limited api with a developer kit.

If MozIOT supports the rtsp protocol, Wyze has a beta rtsp firmware. Might want to try that.

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