Move some of the Bulb conversations, tips, etc to Ask The Community

Have a question for WYZE and the forum moderators … now that WYZE bulbs are being offered to the public, any chance of moving some of the “bulb talk” over to “Ask the Community?”

I missed out on the original bulb offering … but it seems to me there is a wealth of information in this private section that could be conveyed somehow to the open forums so that new bulb purchasers don’t have to reinvent the wheel and post all the same questions, etc.

Just a thought. It would be a job to go back through the posts and cull out the gems for public consumption, but it would solve a bunch of repetition.


agreed…I have the early access forum set to “watching” so I wont miss a new thread from the admins, now I get a email for every new thread & replies.


Agreed, Like this post Of mine


I have to decide proper place (and to whom) to suggest this, but I’ll leave this here for now. I think it would be good idea to start separating out the forum into sub categories, for cameras, sensors, bulbs, and apparently plugs. To have all the questions, tips, discussion lumped together makes it difficult to weed through stuff you’re not needing… People looking for how to tune bulb colors through ifttt for example have to read through a bunch of stuff on motion sensors, or people detection… There will certainly be some overlap, but as more Wyze products (outdoor cams, wyzedrive/dvr (???)scale, thermostat, etc???) hit the market, it will only get more jumbled…

Kind of funny ,I just made a post here

All great minds…
I do see now your post and Gwen’s response, so I’m glad they recognize the issue.

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It’s interesting you brought this up, because I’ve seen some recent discussions showing up in #beta and in #early-access on released products and features that should have been posted in #ask-the-community. I’ll try to do some cleanup for some older posts, too, but I have to be careful and review every thread to make sure no information about future features and products gets disclosed.

Thanks for your input, all! :slight_smile:


DreadPirateRush … I have faith in you. That’s why WYZE pays you moderators the big bucks.

I know there’s a lot of good info and tips on installing, programming and trouble shooting bulbs … and once the bulbs hit the general public hands, a lot of the Ask The Community posts are going reflect things that were asked and answered in Early Access. Of course, that’s assuming users “search before posting” which often isn’t the case.


Now THAT’S funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey mod,
I frequent this community, which used the same forums engine that you do.

Check out the way to have their sub-categories. It might give some ideas on ways to segregate this one as well. It doesn’t just have sub-cats, but sub-sub-cats :slight_smile: it all works out well as long as folks (and mods) follow the conventions and keep things where they belong.

just some ideas.

I will ping the forum admins with this info. Thanks!

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It looks like some Bulb threads are being moved into ASK THE COMMUNITY. Thanks!

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Thanks…I’m trying, when I can get to them. The forum has been BUSY since the bulbs got released. Even more so than when Sense was released.


That’s cool, Thanks @DreadPirateRush