Mounting V2 on window

This was one quick solution.
/edit - thought I had posted it in a different thread :frowning_face:

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A dark room helps reduce reflection. I have 3 cams pointing outside – one is in my guest bedroom looking at who approaches my front door, one is up at my clerestory windows along my roof line looking at my backyard (I have to remember not to turn on my hall lights too much there), and one is in my garage window looking at my front yard. Dark rooms definitely help.

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That’s why I have my faces of the cameras Right against the glass . Where I have my cameras it works out pretty good but I still get some light coming in around the edges
I have been thinking about using double face tape to stick the cameras to the glass , That tape would not be holding the weight of the cameras because I have them on those suction shelf deals , maybe it will block light coming in around the edges better.

@dahbou If you are having trouble with a lot of glare at night, in case you didn’t know you can turn the IR lights off in the app


Agreed – you definitely have to turn off the IR lights if they are behind glass. You can get outdoor IR emitters if you like, but you can also have night vision on with no IR lights and still see improved sensitivity.


One of mine I leave the night mode completely off all the time because I have 2 dusk to dawn porch lights out there That light the area up pretty good

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Yes – people would be impressed at how much normal lights emit IR. Some cars I can’t even stand their brake lights, lol.

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I tried it both ways and I can see just as far with the porch lights and I get more detail with color.
The Cam I have outside Really works good because I have a dusk to dawn on porch light plus a big one on the pole barn over there

Thanks! I think I’m going to try either the Veg Dangler or the Veg Ledge they offer for $2 more. I didn’t realize they made these so I appreciate it!

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I use elhook plastic shelves availabe on Amazon and come with long command strips. My cameras have been up for several months now.

Good advice. I’ve had the cable slowly rotate and even drop a cam using the magnetic ring.

I have used a suction cup car mount for a cell phone to have the camera mounted to window. Easy to move and it has stayed up over a year. This works better than a doorbell camera because the Wyze am is inside and cannot be stolen. Be sure to turn off the IR lights and have outside lighting turned on to use it at night. Use the motion detection region setting to capture only the desired area.

I tried alot of different tapes, Gorilla Glue
double sided tape is one,f not the best.I have my camera mounted on the upper frame of the window…No issues…

I always clean the area the command strip is to be attached to with Alcohol.

That’s a good option too, just Mount the little shelf upside down and set the camera on top facing out the window

Wow! I was excited about the link … but when I checked the reviews, I found that 21 percent rated it one star. Have you used this mount successfully?

No , I don’t have any, I just went and checked it out from @nightowl4 post .
I didn’t read any reviews

You know, you have to take some of those ratings lightly right ?
You have to consider that some people are just stupid


Oh I agree, things have to be taken with a grain of salt … thing that I noticed was people put their $200 Nest Cams on the stand and it failed (for reasons that may be legit … and may be stupidity.)

I tend to over-engineer stuff … and probably wouldn’t put a $200 camera on a thin plastic stand.

Happy Anniversary! I noticed you had a cake near your name today!

Yeah I hear ya, I don’t know what a nest cam weighs but the V2’s weigh hardly anything.
Thanks , I don’t have any cake but I have some Vanilla ice cream and good ripe bananas

Ice cream and bananas are better than cake in my opinion anyway lol

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