Mounting V2 on window

A little tip for everyone: If you have to remove anything stuck on with double sided tape, find someone who fishes and borrow some 50 lb monofilament line. This works well on the foam double sided tape. Never tried it with the thin double sided tape, but it might also work.


I have one of each of these that the v2’s set on , the face of the cam is right Against the window .
They work great and Contrary to popular belief they do not fall off , Been stuck on the windows a year now .
You can put them anywhere on any window you want And if you decide you want to move it to a different spot or different window , no problem


All great ideas…I’m borrowing some of these. One thing I’d have to add is to clean both surfaces with rubbing alcohol.

When you mount it you may need to cover the glass to prevent reflection,
This is one of my solutions:


This is how I have mine mounted. Ill take a picture of the front door tonight to show everyone…

I’m a bit late on this, but its a simple mount and removable very very easily.

Are you using the bird feeder mount on the inside or outside of the glass?

Cameras are on the inside of the windows with both of these suction Cup deals

How about using 3M Command Strips?


That’s what I use for my V2 and it’s perfect.

Would you mind explaining what you did to prevent reflection? Thank you.

This was one quick solution.
/edit - thought I had posted it in a different thread :frowning_face:

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A dark room helps reduce reflection. I have 3 cams pointing outside – one is in my guest bedroom looking at who approaches my front door, one is up at my clerestory windows along my roof line looking at my backyard (I have to remember not to turn on my hall lights too much there), and one is in my garage window looking at my front yard. Dark rooms definitely help.

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That’s why I have my faces of the cameras Right against the glass . Where I have my cameras it works out pretty good but I still get some light coming in around the edges
I have been thinking about using double face tape to stick the cameras to the glass , That tape would not be holding the weight of the cameras because I have them on those suction shelf deals , maybe it will block light coming in around the edges better.

@dahbou If you are having trouble with a lot of glare at night, in case you didn’t know you can turn the IR lights off in the app


Agreed – you definitely have to turn off the IR lights if they are behind glass. You can get outdoor IR emitters if you like, but you can also have night vision on with no IR lights and still see improved sensitivity.


One of mine I leave the night mode completely off all the time because I have 2 dusk to dawn porch lights out there That light the area up pretty good

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Yes – people would be impressed at how much normal lights emit IR. Some cars I can’t even stand their brake lights, lol.

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I tried it both ways and I can see just as far with the porch lights and I get more detail with color.
The Cam I have outside Really works good because I have a dusk to dawn on porch light plus a big one on the pole barn over there

Thanks! I think I’m going to try either the Veg Dangler or the Veg Ledge they offer for $2 more. I didn’t realize they made these so I appreciate it!

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I use elhook plastic shelves availabe on Amazon and come with long command strips. My cameras have been up for several months now.