Mounting options.

There is a magnet in the center, and if it is rare earth, they are very hard and brittle. But you can definitely drill through the outer edge as in the picture RickO posted in

@ WyzeGuy – Just ship it with a couple of holes in the base from now on please.


If any one needs the mount bracket I know someone who 3d prints them. Several colors besides black and white.

My two cameras arrived two days ago and I’ve been playing with them until I got micro SD cards and extension cables. I’m lucky that the cameras hold well on my steel siding so I can do without any other holding devices. They will be powered inside from cables routed through windows. My house has three-foot overhangs and I’m hoping they will get protection from the elements by mounting up tight to the overhang. This is Minnesota so I’m glad to hear other cold weather users have not had problems. One for the front door, the second for the back. Might get a third to monitor my schnauzer, Willy.

I monitor with both iPhone and iPad although I noticed that reading the card with the iPad did not work.



Hi all, I’ve posted this on Reddit and in the Facebook group, but thought I’d share it here.
This is the mount that I created so I could ‘hang’ my cam from vinyl siding.

The file to 3D print this is on thingiverse -


That is pretty slick! I don’t have a 3D printer, or know anyone who does.

Could I pay you to make me one of those?

Some libraries have 3D printers available that you could use, or maybe a local “maker” shop - if you want to look into that.

If you would like for me to print it we can work something out…

Since there is not DM on these forums that I see. Feel free to contact me either through Thingverse or the WyzeCam Facebook page.


If your library doesn’t have a printer, and you don’t want to go to your loca Makerspace, many items on Thigiverse have a “Print This” button that can link you up with a local printer.

I beleive I have found a local place. All I need is to point them to your thingiverse file right? Thanks guys!

Yes, they should be able to take the “STL” file from thingiverse and load it into what ever “slicer” they use to get the gcode needed by their printer.

Hope it works out for you!

With regards to the 3D printable “birdhouse” cover for the WyzeCam, how exactly does the camera stay in place inside the cover? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like if the WyzeCam were tilted forwards/down that it would just slip right out of the case. Is there some sort of lip or ledge to prevent this?

Hi WyzeR, how can I purchase one of your mounting kits and get it shipped to Canada? I found the WyzeCams themselves for sale on, but not the mounting kits. :frowning:

Easy mount out of the weather.

A couple of plastic wire ties through opening in the base.

The problem I’m trying to resolve is not the mounting but the wiring. I would like to mount them up high but don’t have outlets near by and if I do, the wire is hanging along the wall. I was actually thinking of installing outlets into the crawl space and running the cable up there but that sounds like so much work. Anyone have any suggestions?

You could purchase an inexpensive rechargeable battery or maybe a small solar panel to power the camera. I’ve seen the battery packs with solar cell recharging at Walmart for under $20. Not sure of the power requirements for this camera.

Improved version of these is here:

Works great!

What makes the vinyl siding one hold in so it doesn’t fall out? I’d like to try one of these

install a water tight receptacle in the soffit, wire runs through the attic, then change to a short 6 inch USB cable. or install a soffit vent cover and if you prefer not to wire it permanently run USB power through the small round soffit vent cover with a high quality outdoor extension cord running through the attic. That way if you want to move the camera another soffit vent cover is all you need near the new location.

Hope this helps,




I mounted mine like this with no modification to the camera and its hardware.

A simple solution I’ve used with surround sound that sits on a wall and I don’t want to see is I bought a sticky backed cord hider painted it the same color as my wall stuck it up under the speaker/ camera so you don’t see wires hanging. It a cheap quick fix.